Some More Delve Improvements


The "Complete Delve Encounters IV" is too difficult to complete. This now has four additional components that can contribute towards its completion. These new components are still somewhat rare, but should be much more attainable. You still require only six total to complete the challenge, meaning you should only need two of the very rare ones now.

The impossible happened. Pog
"Better late than never"
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DELVE HAS NO OBJECTIVE, I'm done wasting my time.

PLEASE add points of interests that show boss locations/temples that we can mine to. This is one of the most upvoted topic on the reddit with many posts about it, WHY won't you comment on this!
It is Aul I ever wanted.
bamper1 wrote:

"they clearly don't want you spending most of your time in the mine" so whats the point playing Delve? I didnt came here to play Standard with Delve as DLC. Just look at Bestiary , Incursion. You had there freedom , here? well... :)

You what, mate.
Bestiary had an atrociously-low level of engagement with the league mechanics, and it was, yeah, very much like playing Standard. Even after the increases to spawn rate and buffing yellow mobs, all you usually got was like 1, maybe 2 additional rare mobs per map, which you didn't do anything with 99% of the time.
So yeah you must be joking here.

Incursion on the other hand, yeah i agree it's done way better in terms of gameplay consistency. But that's mechanical differences for ya, incursion spots on maps were organic, going for single-node Delves after picking up a single node of Sulphite is not.

But, you still didn't spend most of your time in incursions. Or in the temple. Most of your time was still spent mapping.

Also i'm apparently wrong and there is a buy-max-flares thing in place. So yeah sorry about that one GGG :D.
Good news.
Good changes, restart serwer today.
There's probably like few hours to change everything you posted.
And add sulphurite gained from maps x2
Another update solely dedicated to make players with sulphite delivery teams even stronger?
Organic chemistry is a weird thing. If you add a spoon of shit to a barrel of jam you'll get a barrel of shit.
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Oblitus wrote:
Another update solely dedicated to make players with sulphite delivery teams even stronger?

Yeah, tone deaf as all get out. Oh well. Haven’t bothered logging in for days so who cares. I’m not their target audience.
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the courage to challenge any unbalanced content, and the wisdom to avoid the forums.
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Raligard wrote:
Nice changes. Now we just require MORE sulphite from maps, and sharing of Sulphite between characters on the same account should also be strongly considered.

This 100%
Maybe I can finally find a gilded fossil after these changes.

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