[3.7] Sallynátor's Voidforge Cyclone Slayer | Legion Ready

Hello welcome to my 2nd build guide. I've managed to kill Shaper/Uber Atziri in Delve league on Resolute Technique Version. So let's get started that's the reason why you are probably in here.

3.7 Crit version

Pastebin - https://pastebin.com/fwcKkEdj

Instead of Brutal Fervour, I took Overwhelm so Base Crit of our weapon is 8% instead of 5%. Also, Crit Hatred Watcher's Eye adds around 15-18% Crit chance, but it's not needed. I played with only 33% Crit chance and it felt completely fine. My Hatred watcher's eye boosted me to around 52% Crit chance. Also in the Minotaur video I had no idea about Precision Aura. Takes some flat Mana to reserve, but gives great amount of Flat Accuracy + Some Crit chance. So definitely use it together with Enlighten/Hatred/Herald Of Purity. War banner can stay on it's own, It's only 10% reservation which is much better than Precision itself that takes around 180 mana on level 20.


Minotaur Fight

Player thoughts, improvements, own spin on this build
Jedi_blr wrote:
Voidforge build is not popular right now and i think never be meta, but i wanna share my point of view on it,this is 3.7 Crit STD testing version
i do run on Katarina - Uber Elder - Shaper easy kills but not so fast and deadly like my main 13 mil TS Deadeye, porcupines with hard mod on maps is not a problem ... SO we need some CORE items correlation
this is our phys def 34% to elemental and we got 80% max res
2.Gems sets for def Leap(now 100% stun on full enemy life)+End chance on mele stun --- CWDT+INC DUR+IC up to 73%LESS all dmg for 2 sec
= Cylone with 0 mana (mandatore)
4.WE can use 6-L for auras
that is CORE for my build - you can add some or change , enjoy
P.S Sorry for my english

loanel wrote:
Here's my setup: https://pastebin.com/BH7jxtF6

This is a much more standard sword cyclone setup that's heavily focused on versatility. You can transition into it with any two handed swords, or out of it to starforge by just taking more leech nodes. It doesn't require any crazy gear from the start, if you have voidforge, resistances capped, decent life and some flat phys on jewelry you can easily go to high red maps with it. Loreweave is the high end, i'm still debating if Soul of Steel is good enough if i have it, but 5% phys damage reduction is juicy.

My goal was to essentially do what Jedi_blr did with the elemental reductions, but add fortify effectiveness, replace hatred and precision, and remove the need for gem swapping while playing.

In my opinion hatred is a weak aura right now, and it doesn't help that the multiplier with it when using voidforge is weaker than for a normal two hander. Precision also just hinders our mana, i wouldn't even bother to waste a gem slot for it. I also removed the banner, adrenaline is not enough, i took vaal haste instead - works almost the exact same and %phys on mobs isn't getting wasted.

What i'm running is Blood and Sand to boost aoe, Herald of Purity, Purity of Elements to cap out resistances easier and soon use it for the %reductions, and Aspect of the Spider from a ring. I also don't bother with a blue link gem on cyclone, instead i'm using close combat support (which is actually ignored in PoB right now, but Impact node in slayer has the exact same wording and the damage boost is shown, so i think it's safe to assume that it works in game). I also have wise oak with completely even resistances.

I also recommend getting a Karui jewel and rolling it a bit to get something nice. Right now the one under slayer start that unfortunately doesn't show in pob gives me 5% increased strength, 15% crit multi, 20% inc melee damage and a bunch of life regen. These can roll some crazy stuff like %phys damage taken as ele, fortify effectiveness and more crit.

Last thing to note is accuracy, you don't need Precision to cap it, i think it only causes mana problems if you don't have the ring enchant. You can get cheap rolls on helmets and rings, with decent pathing you can hit 100% with +500 accuracy from items which is easy as hell to get. I'm also using Oskarm to help with it, they are cheap as hell and give a high boost to damage and power charge generation. The high end for this build is using an amulet with +1 curse and corrupting them to have ele weakness on hit too. That will give crazy damage.

Patch 3.7 Thoughts + Update
When I am writing this, it's 1 day before 3.7 hits us. Due to 3.7 being a complete Melee rework, this build might excel even better now at the current content (and specifically with Cyclone changes) might steamroll Legion content as well. Build is buffed both in Cyclone rework and in new Rage gem. Even tho, Rage gem might be a little bit worse until you get going with Rage stacks against Chance to bleed that provides you all the time with Flat added physical damage to attacks, Rage gem gives you more and more damage with more things you hit, so especially for mapping you should be able to destroy bosses easily. Also Rage as is has no downside now, so we can get full use of that juicy Attack Damage, Attack Speed and Movement speed now, without using Berserker specifically just for this. And for the cyclone. Because it's a Channeling skill now, we should have easier time sustaining our Mana pool. It was no problem before, but sometimes it might've felt a little bit bad. Now with less mana used per cyclone spin, we should be able to fit War Banner aswell into the build (I'll have to do some testing tho, before I'll be able to confirm this 100%), but if the build will still function great while having only 15% of our relatively small mana pool left, we might get rid of Resolute Technique and get flat accuracy on 1-2 pieces of our gear. Random Critical strikes might be nice addition to build, especially for clear. For now I have only updated non-crit, Resolute Technique tree, but I'll do my best to push out Crit version out ASAP. 3.7 RT PoB - https://pastebin.com/CiwG0hKJ

Pros & Cons


- Fast Melee Build
- Tanky
- Slayer Overleech
- Great Uber Lab Farmer
- No Need To Gem Swap For Bosses

- Leech won't save you from Oneshot/Burst Damage
- Not a T1 Clear Speed build
- Balancing Resists for Wise Oak is painful
- Expensive if you want to Min-Max



Skill Gems - In Order Of Importance


Ancestral Warchief

Cast When Damage Taken

Leap Slam


Blood Rage & Golem

Passive Skill Tree/Bandits/Ascendancy

Leveling Trees

12 Points
25 Points
40 Points
61 Points
80 Points
100 Points


Just press flasks and Spin to win.

If you encounter tougher boss just use your Enduring Cry to gain Endurance Charges so you get a little bit of phys mitigation and if you get hit you get 3s Immortal Call which makes you immune to Physical Damage.

3 seconds doesn't seem like a lot but it really helps. You can fall back or finish what you've started/get another Endurance Charges which provide Life Regen (After using Enduring Cry) & extra Physical Mitigation

Showcase Of The Build

Filling This Section Slowly


Uber Atziri

Twinned T15 Carcass (Sorry for audio)

T15 Lava Lake

Pale Council

Uber Lab Run

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If you have any questions, PM me or ask in the comments.
1st Video up, T15 Double Boss Carcass :)
New video up :)
Pale Council video up
Videos looking great!
Why voidforge compared to starforge? Because it's (was, thanks Mathil) cheaper?
Thanks for the positive feedback haamoo.

Yukorin i started this build before Mathil started leveling that Consecrated Path with Voidforge. I was bored with playing Phys cyclone all the time so i felt like trying Voidforge instead. I always liked Doomfletch so i was thinking this one might work as well.
Yukorin1992 wrote:
Why voidforge compared to starforge? Because it's (was, thanks Mathil) cheaper?

Forgot to Quote you before.
wow, this is a cool build. if i wasnt already working on a starforge pure phys cyclone slayer i would definitely jump on this

good stuff!

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