Delve Costing Changes

25% is much less than i expected :(
Too late.

Not intrested anymory.

Delve is BORING and TEDIOUS.

Our model (based on live gameplay data) showed that the changes in 3.4.3 would result in 25% more Delving for the average player who was playing at a given tier of maps.

The average player who runs nothing but t16 maps, you mean?
Because I did the math, and experienced playing it, and it's a 25% increase on t16 maps, and break even on t15, at 100% IIQ.

For someone at delve level 100-200 and on t11-t12 maps, it looks like it'll take them twice as long to get sulphite.
This sounds better than it was. Im going to test it when the patch goes live. Thank you for Delve btw, i have been a bit negative about how this league is playing out. I want to say that I love delve. It is what I have been wanting out of your game for years now. Please dont assume that our negative feedback about this league is directed at the content itself, but more so about how it is being implemented, I would love for this to go core. I want to delve as much as possible, i just dont want to have to map 2-3x the time i can delve. Thank you for your hard work, and for getting back to us so quick. Have a nice Day.
Apachy wrote:
Too late.

Not intrested anymory.

Delve is BORING and TEDIOUS.


Alright, bye.
While I'm thankful for these continual iterative changes, many of these Delve issues were apparently raised during alpha, I wonder why those people weren't listened to.
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just increase the drops of t16 maps and problem SOLVED 158 maps compelted and i dont have t16 returns doing t15+5 sextants+fragments.(100 140 iqq)

Dont wanna increase the drops? increase the rooms maps more often in the mine, problem SOLVED

Dont wanna give us the chance of permantly sustain t16?. increase the drop of t15 and problem SOLVED

The idea of Delve was great, but u are going to the wrong direction
Doesn't fix the issue. People who are delving down further then the tier of maps their doing are doing it because they cant get the map drops! If mapping at T16 is required to get further in the mine then it shouldnt be like trying to punch through a brick wall on maps drops after tier 10!

I am not talking about overall map sustainability I am talking about the INITIAL map to get the damn atlas completion bonuses!

I also am NOT going to spend hundreds of chaos buying redmaps to fill out my atlas. This should not be required to progress through the atlas if it is your intention for us to be farming at tier 16.

I am level 91 and have maybe 11% of my red maps unlocked, and thats mainly because I had to buy the maps for the strongholds.
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for some reason i still think this will not help that much and for most of players delve will be still dead. :(

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