Delve Costing Changes

I was enjoying Delve before all these changes.

Not because I was farming quarry, or whenever it was. Quite the opposite in-fact, I only gained my sulphite from maps. Whilst it seemed the ratio wasn't quite correct. it was far closer than these inflated numbers, 1.4k for a delve at 190.

Why did you decide bigger is better? You could give me a million sulphite per vein and tell me I need 20 million for the biggest and it still wouldn't feel as good as before. It feels really shit the bigger you get.

Hopefully these new values play nice, not counting on it though.

1v100 / 100v10000
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We grind maps since 5 years or so and now when you presented the diffrent end game system you are gate it behind maps that dosn't even make sense.
In order to get rid of clearspeed meta cap global movement speed at 100% but make all skills instant so everything feels great.
Hmmm, discrepancy between advertisement for the league and actual content it seems. It was sold as ''you can delve as long as your build allows it'' to offer an endgame addition were you were challenged to progress and actually find out how much you had progressed. Then they added rewards to this system and balanced it around the 1% who could do it effectively so it became less accessible to the rest of the player base.

Last few leagues streamers and traders benefitted more than ever before whereas the rest of the playerbase complained about accessibility (both of content and drops). People burn out because the only viable way is to be as fast as possible or miss out since rng gating became even more intense. So this means the game is balanced around burn out and people only want content that burns out as a result.

As an example: zerphi's heart: you couldnt get it anywhere but in the temple so instead of running all content, you had to do temple; OVER and OVER and OVER again (and then not get it) or just trade. What this does is it makes every other drop and encounter in the temple feel less important/fun so people got bored/frustrated. Div card drop rates; same issue. This league its sulphite gains instead. Isn't adressing the sulphite a way of treating the symptoms instead of the problem though?

PoE is unique because of all the skills, combinations, mechanics and building. THAT is the good part about the game. You can have clearspeed or powerful rewards in every other game; I dont know why this has to be pushed and then gated even further every recent league.

So, basically player feedback was split.

Some hated that people were able to farm Quarry for sulfite more efficiently than people were able to farm maps for an equivalent amount.

Some people hated that you had to farm sulfite.

Some people loved delving with no map interaction whatsoever.
Some people felt that mapping should still be the PoE endgame.

Much bitchery ensued.

GGG said, you MUST do maps to delve, and FAR MORE mapping than delving.

Much bitchery ensued.

GGG said, ok, we will make mapping yield better returns on sulfite. GOOD
GGG said, ok, we will make delving cost more sulfite. VERY VERY BAD, Zero sum total.

Much bitchery ensued.

GGG said, ok, ok, ok we will lower all relative values. mmmm, ok?

People still wanna delve without mapping.

More bitchery will ensue.
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One more couse i forgot last time - RNG is a GOOD FICTION. You have luck or you dont have it.

If it turns out that in this game, certain people have privileges like "Better RNG than others" - for example, sreamers have a bigger RNG, they drop them better, it's better for them only because they are streamers - this game would have fallen long ago, because no one would like to play in a community where they are equal and more equal (just as absurd in the case of "RNG is paying"). If there was such a situation - it would be after this game.

Then please stop telling about RNG wiht topic about... delve costing... it does not make sense...

Cheers - good LUCK deep in Delve :)
Nicely done GGG !
Thank you for always listening. I have, from time to time, frustrations with this game. BUT, it is the best game I have ever played, and GGG is far and away the best game producer I have come across in my 20 years of playing games as an adult.
I cant believe that game developers are SO BAD AT MATH, that they have to change formula yet again, just after patch was released!
SEroiusly, guys! Hire few solid analytics, who actually graduted from decent university with good marks! Predicting the oucomes of such changes isnt even a rocket science! ATM, it looks like your balancing team hadnt even graduated from high school!
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As always the game can't be balanced because there are vastly different types of players in it. If you balance it for normal players, MF-ers chaining T16s will get a couple of mirrors every day.
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As always the game can't be balanced because there are vastly different types of players in it. If you balance it for normal players, MF-ers chaining T16s will get a couple of mirrors every day.

And? Let them have their mirror stacks who cares?
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