Delve Costing Changes

I am running level 73 delves, further down I could not go yet, as it costs so much sulphite and my mine is kind of messed up, a lot of dead ends and no true rewards.

Almost all my items I found inside maps...

As mapping goes, I am playing tier 5-10 maps atm. 10 rarely, as they don´t drop, I am at 60% completion of the atlas if that matters, I always chisel and alc.
walentaz wrote:

Also, content difficulty should be gated by strength of you character/build, no by some absurd grind (delve) or rng (maps). The most boring shit in this game is doing a content that is to easy for your character. I wonder how many years GGG needs to realize this. These kind of games were always about grind for gear to access harder content, but here - even if you grinded the gear, you still need high tier challenging maps to then grind those maps to access challenging delve depth...

I agree. I can easily do T15 or T16 maps, but because I can't get the map drop to unlock the content, I am stuck doing T10 maps. They want running T16 maps an incentive, but refuse to give us a reasonable way to get there. Trading for progression in content they want us to do is BS.
"Don't Tread on Me"
FrodoFraggins wrote:
Well, I'm hoping when this becomes Core, that sulphite is removed completely as I don't think maps should be required to do delves

It will not. This league reminds me of the pokemon one.
Nephalim wrote:

Maps serve to sink currency and provide end game level progression - this has always been and will always be the case unless they create a totally new end game system with a constant sink. Delves flood the ecnomoy with currency. The two need to go hand in hand.

If you think GGG wants players to run T16 content with chaos orb explosions then you're not on the same page.

Cut the drops of everything except the Delve city bosses. I want to see the new content, not farm incessantly for 10-15 minutes of Delving. This sulphite system is like standing in line for 2 hours at Disneyland for a 3 minute ride.
Nice that changes are happening. It still doesn't explain why you are having sulphite starvation as the challenge in the league when it should be delve difficulty. This helps a bit but still not there yet
I couldn't cry harder than reddit even if I tried. hot damn.
I have a question in regards of maximum Sulphite capacity, after reading you are going to lower it.
Why couldn't it be much higher?

I see no issues with it, but only the possibilities. You can just storm the maps, without having to break too often with reaching the maximum of Sulphite. Or you can have a big streak of Delve runs if you crave for it. Both things are especially prominent if you are partying with people, but also meaningful in solo. First session you play today is burning through the Sulphite, then another later is to gather more for tomorrow. Or other way around, your call.
And thank you for tuning things in the right directions, however attempts it takes sometimes.
Thanks for listening to the playerbase. These changes sound like they will help.

This part is the part that seems like it was off-base:
"We were assuming that players were playing at approximately the equivalent depth in the mine that corresponded to the same difficulty in the atlas."

To me, the idea of an infinite dungeon was that I would always be able to progress, even if I only farmed T11 maps or whatever. I would make progress in Delve at the expense of progress on my Atlas, not in tandem with it. So I hope these changes move toward this destination.
This sounds pretty good, honestly, thank you.
I was never one of the "hurr durr i hate mapping so much" fanatics, and all i wanted was a moderate increase of delving accessibility. Seems like that'll finally be realised, so yeah, i'm good.
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Who cares, let me be stuck at pathetic depth levels unable to find fossils and anything really. lvl 83 and still havent upgraded my equipment to be able to scout many nooks and crannies during the delving..

grind wall is real :(
Poe 2.0 new trailers when?

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