๐Ÿ‘‘[3.4] Trickster ๐Ÿ‘‘ MoM Caustic Arrow & Toxic Rain ๐Ÿ‘‘ 600+ Depth ๐Ÿ‘‘ Uber Elder Down ๐Ÿ‘‘EZ Budget ๐Ÿ‘‘

This build received a pretty big nerf due to quill rain, build might not be that good anymore tbh It felt pretty slow and clunky using a +3 bow which is what would be recommended after quill rain.

What are the Pros of this build?
This build requires very little to get up and running and can feel good with a budget but also be a beast once you invest into it.

Why should I choose trickster over path finder?
You mean aside from having more damage, more survivability, charge generation and better sustain. Yea trickster is just an all-round better ascendancy for this type of build. Pathfinder is generally better if you've going poison which we aren't at all.

Why aren't you using Herald of Agony?
Because we don't poison, we don't have the links and reserving our effective life pool doesn't sound appealing to me.


You can run this build purely on a quill rain, I would only recommend going for a +3 bow if you're looking at doing uber elder or very deep delves.

Weapon 1:
We want a quill rain because It works very well with toxic rain, you're able to shoot out a lot more pods that all overlap each other doing a decent amount of single target and you can also clear with caustic arrow while using quill rain while doing easier content when you don't need the higher caustic arrow dot.

Weapon 2:
As our second weapon we want a bow with Plus to gem level for caustic arrow, this bow is optional but can be really nice for clearing higher level content where a quill rains damage isn't sufficent.

Off-hand 1 & 2:
As for our quiver we mainly want additional arrow quivers but these can be costly so a decent Life/attack speed quiver can work, just make sure that if you have resistances on our quivers that you balance them out on both so you aren't under capped when you swap.

As for helmets it really depends on what you're aiming to do with the build, for instance I use a devotos devotion while mapping for the extra movement speed and attack speed but change to a lions pelt when doing harder content like delves, shaper and uber elder etc.

As for the enchant, I believe that caustic arrow area of effect is the best enchant for general clearing, If you're using temporal chains then the temporal chain effect enchant is definitely a must get but if you aren't then Caustic Arrow damage, Toxic rain damage both work well.

As for gloves we really want to fill our resistances out, so aim for a high life and resistance pair of gloves and if you can get some mana, attack speed or intelligence that's a nice bonus.

If you're looking to go further than just a decent rare pair of gloves you could start buying up gloves with the stats you want and vaaling them for either +1 frenzy, Plus to gems for your curses or attack speed are all decent.

Again same as helmets this really depends on playstyle and what you're aiming to do, for instance I use a pair of seven-league steps with a movement speed enchant for mapping, a pair of kaom's roots for uber elder and a pair of windshriek for the +1 curse for harder content.

Using the +1 curse boots for temporal chains isn't exactly needed I put it into the build because once I hit delve 400+ I started to get overwhelmed and needed more defences, so you could use a pair of atziri's steps as your all round boots if you don't need the extra defences from temporal chains.

As for the boot enchants I'd say movement speed when you haven't been hit recently and attack speed when you've killed recently are both the enchants you want when clearing maps and Life and mana regeneration when you've taken a hit recently is the enchant you would want for more difficult content such as bosses and high tier maps/delves etc.

For our chest piece we aim for a cloak of defiance, we're able to get a size-able mana pool making cloak of defiance a really good defensive chest piece giving us up to another 2,500 eHP

We have two options when it comes to amulets, our best option would be getting a despair impresence allowing us to use a despair blasmepy for free and also giving some life/damage and maddening presence which reduces the damage/speed of anything in it.

Our second a cheaper option would be just a normal rare amulet with Life/Mana and resistances.

If you aren't using an impresence I recommend using a witchfire brew for the Despair.

As for rings we mainly just want Life/Resist rings, If you can get some mana, strength or intelligence that's also a bonus.

If you're planning to go as deep as you can in the delve then getting percent evasion will help avoiding one shots at times.

If the rest of your gear is really good and you've got a lot of resistances elsewhere you can look at crafting some increased chaos damage rings with essences of envy, getting up to another 60% increased damage onto the build.

We have a couple of options when it comes to belts, the most simply and cheap option is to get a generic Life and resist belt preferably a stygian and the second is to craft or buy a belt with the aberrant fossil mod, increased chaos damage.

Also for the jewel in the stygian I aim for onslaught on kill because while mapping the up time should be decent and 20% movement and attack speed can make a world of difference.

For our main jewels we're looking for jewels with Life, mana and damage.

Mods that affect our damage:
Projectile damage
Chaos damage
Damage over time
Area damage

As for our Watchers eye, I went towards 15-20% damage taken gained as mana over 4 seconds for sustained mana, If you can get a secondary mod that is either another mana stat or grace those both work well, Just make sure that If you do get one with damage is taken from mana before life that you have a sufficient mana pool to sustain it (50% of your life) otherwise it will be wasted.

I have a couple different flask setups:



Uber Elder:

Passives / Lab / Bandits

None of the options give us anything worth 2 skill points so we kill all.

Lab - Normal: We take patient reaper first for the damage and sustain while making our way to prolonged pain.

Lab - Cruel: Prolonged pain is by far our best damage source in the build so getting this will make leveling feel a fair bit smoother.

Lab - Merciles: Swift Killer, Frenzy charges give us more damage and attack speed per charge while also giving us 5% increased damage per frenzy and power charge.

Lab - Uber: Weave the Arcane, this node isn't as important until you start using a cloak of defiance but once you do this node is extremely good, giving us a lot better mana pool and sustain.


Soul of Arakaali, the extra sustain after taking a damage over time and taking reduced damage from damage over time feels pretty good but you could choose Lunaris for the mitigation when you're getting over ran.

Soul of Gruthkul, mainly mitigation for getting swarmed, If you find yourself standing still a lot then tukohamas mitigation and regen can feel pretty good.

20 Skill Points
42 Skill Points
59 Skill Points
78 Skill Points
98 Skill Points
120 Skill Points

Gem Links



If you're using a 5-link then drop increased duration.

Increased duration also increases the duration of wither and also increases duration of the pods by a pretty significant amount.

Weapon 1:

if 5-link drop void manipulation

Weapon 2:

If you only have a 5link then drop void manipulation

If you don't have a bow with +1 to gems or a level 3 empower I would recommend dropping empower for either Conc effect, Efficacy or mirage archer.


If you are planning on not going the temporal chains route then drop temporal chains and enlighten and you can put in increased area of effect for despair.


My Gear

Stats / PoB


My single target Caustic Arrow


If you're able to buy a quill rain, tabula and a theifs torment before leveling this build you will have one of the smoothest leveling experiences you've ever had with toxic rain, other than that there aren't any other important leveling items.

If you're starting off the build with a tiny budget you can still level it super easily, just grab a toxic rain and once you hit lvl12 you should be well off, You should be able to buy a quill rain after you first act or two after a few currency drops this should easily carry you to act 9 aqueducts once there just keep farming it until you get yourself a tabula and with those two items you should easily be able to hit yellow maps.

Leveling Links = Toxic Rain - Vicious Strikes - Void manipulation - Mirage archer - Swift affliction - Decay = In that order (Just a reminder you can't buy a Vicious Strikes as a shadow so try buy one or get it off another character)

IGN: @Norse
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First! <3
hey, found your guide while searching for a caustic arrow build.

why are you running 3 attack skills? i can understand 1 for clearing and 1 for single target, but 3? why?

edit: also how did you craft the elder bow exactly? any specific item level to look out for etc?
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shrinkmaster wrote:
hey, found your guide while searching for a caustic arrow build.

why are you running 3 attack skills? i can understand 1 for clearing and 1 for single target, but 3? why?

edit: also how did you craft the elder bow exactly? any specific item level to look out for etc?

Quill Rain Caustic arrow is generally better for clearing lower tier maps etc but I use the +3 bow with vicious projectiles caustic arrow for T14+ maps and delve when I need more damage.

Then the Toxic rain is mostly for bosses and single target etc


Bow was made by alt/regaling +2 gems and vicious strikes together then putting on catarina cannot roll attacker mod then you have a 100% chance to exalt the prefix with +1 gems if you have an open prefix.
IGN: @Norse
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thanks for the nice guide, will try it out!

any map mods the build cant run?
Cool stuff, running an extremely similar build but decided to drop CA after doing a few maps and just rolling with Toxic Rain

I like CA but I think you need more additional arrows to make it work well and I don't have that gear yet... CA for clearing would be lovely then only doing TA for bosses

I also actually got MoM in the passive tree

Good stuff on the boots for mapping, didnt even think of that... those boots and helm would make mapping a lot quicker so gonna have to grab those for farming.

I had the exact same gear conclusions so nice to see that...

I'm using the shit +1 curse ring since I didn't need the res on my rings

One thing I though was interesting for an amulet(if you're broke) is a

The Aylardex
Agate Amulet

+(30-50) to maximum Life
+(50-70) to maximum Mana
+1 to Maximum Power Charges
10% increased Mana Regeneration Rate per Power Charge
(80-100)% increased Power Charge Duration
1% of Damage is taken from Mana before Life per Power Charge
40% reduced Critical Strike Chance per Power Charge

Not the greatest but has life, mana, an extra power charge which would give you another 5% mana damage from mana.... BUT I think its only worth it if you can roll an extra curse on it then I think its a decent neck contender.

shrinkmaster wrote:
any map mods the build cant run?

I don't even look at map mods anymore

Can't regen can be annoying but you get mana back from on hit/kill and your Trickster nodes so even that is fine
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Hi, i am trying out your build as i am kinda bored with every other build/poe as a whole. My quesion is why are you not using Witchfire Brew as a flask?
I really dont like to weapon swap plus 3 6 links in ssf is just brutal is it okay to just stick with 6link chest and 6link qullrain

Also I know ur dont scale the same way as a pathfinder so this build is better for that. But would the pathfinder scaling another way have easier time pushing delves than this trickster build?
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Dartagnan_cz wrote:
Hi, i am trying out your build as i am kinda bored with every other build/poe as a whole. My quesion is why are you not using Witchfire Brew as a flask?

Because his amulet is giving the same effect for free
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