Shared Mines and Sulphite Rebalance

I feel like having a cost to play content is only viable when the content has a significant pay off. Infinite dungeons feel more like an extra game mode to be enjoyed and for having different encounters. It's annoying me that I can't enjoy the game mode for as much as I feel like but have to interrupt it to farm resources. It might be fun if you can somewhat self sustain while just doing delves.

Also while leveling I don't see any real point to playing delves because the mine is always behind in levels and you cant really delve straight down.
Are some people not reading that map quantity will affect sulphite gain?

Also it seems crazy how some people would rather farm Quarry than maps, seriously.

I started selling t7 maps and lower just to make space for t8 and higher, i'm pretty new to the game and i can't understand how people not only struggle with lower tier maps, but can't obtain higher ones. Don't you guys read that you gotta achieve the bonus objectives of the Atlas to increase the chance of getting a higher tier map when it drops? Really, stop doing the same map over and over and start expanding the atlas, it's impossible not to increase the map tier.

My maps have only been increasing in tier since i started, and it's always an option to buy maps directly in

I really like this changes, right now you don't even get 200 sulphite in a t12 map and sometimes you can spend 500 on a single move inside the mine.

RuleByThought wrote:

Also while leveling I don't see any real point to playing delves because the mine is always behind in levels and you cant really delve straight down.

You get massive exp from the mine while leveling, makes no sense not to do it.
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This is all well and good, but could you also make it so that azurite drops are allocated to whoever controls the Crawler? My friends and I are starting to have a hard time enjoying the delves together, because the group has to stand in a corner in order to avoid stealing azurite for the Crawler owner.

It's only fair, considering they're the ones spending sulphite to delve, they should be the ones who get azurite from encounters. They shouldn't be punished for having friends tag along to enjoy the new league content with.
PoE players: Our game has a wide diversity of builds.

Also PoE players: The [league mechanic] doesn't need to be nerfed, you just need to play a [current meta] build!

Imagine gutting Harvest to unironically yolo exalts.
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Klabammo wrote:
Who gave the feedback? Why making it harder to get sulphite? goddammit. so many questions. So many reasons why this league and future leagues will suck for me. Can't we just leave it as it is? Is that too much to ask? Can't we have our fun in this league? Good job all, pat yourselves on the back because you did it. goddammit.

I think you have the wrong idea...

delves are more expensive, but sulphite gained in maps was increased. Delves past 1,000 had their sulphite cost capped.

This update addressed players who would run Quarry to farm sulphite. It's not harder to get sulphite, it's easier to get sulphite in maps (which was the intended route for sulphite gains).
Now please work on group play while delving.
BigFrog49 wrote:
Oh no!

Delve content is one of the best additions to PoE and should be a regular part of PoE going forward, like maps and the lab.

I had hoped GGG would make the Delve content MORE accessible.

Gating access to the Delve behind high-level red maps is very very unfortunate. Chokes the life right out of great content.

GGG took the wrong message out of the Quarry runs. I feel bad for the GGG team to see access to the Delve butchered so horribly.


Actually I think that GGG understood that the quarry runs were bad - that is apparent. What I believe is that they don't want people doing the next thing and that is running tier (pick a number 2,3,4,5) map.

If Zana were not changed I would be throwing a fit because red map sustain is very difficult. I do wish that in addition to the quantity bonus (which is good) that all maps were pumped a bit regarding multiple sulfite stashes. Right now if I am not incorrect you average 1.5 sulfite stashes....throw us a bone of 1.6, 1.7 (whatever) if you don't want to readjust tier 1-11 maps.
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Sulphite costs capped at depth 1000?! The sulphite costs are already too high at depth 200.

Guess I won't be coming back to PoE this league, or possibly ever.
Snorkle_uk wrote:
theyre not fixing it, theyre just nerfing quarry, the map change basically means you get more sulphate and pay more sulphate.

Theres a ton of people in the thread who are overjoyed because they didnt actually read it properly and understand what its saying. They think theyre gonna get more sulphate...

It is very strange to me that this obvious nerf is not understood by the majority of community.

Daimonidlo wrote:
Chris wrote:
We will also cap the Sulphite costs per Delve past depth 1000

What? Today it capped at 270. Are you seriously?

Also this. Amazingly, the first reaction to this is on page 11 - people seem to really not understand that their time delving and depths reached will be seriously reduced.

BigFrog49 wrote:
Gating access to the Delve behind high-level red maps is very very unfortunate.

Totally agreed, seems to me GGG do it at least in part to avoid server costs of too wide/too deep maps. Shame, delving was fun.
Better late then never.... Do you guys talk to your player base at all? I mean shared Delve is a given, just like shared sulphite. Eventually you will get there.

Delve is great, but gating behind red maps is cruel. Quarry forever!

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