Shared Mines and Sulphite Rebalance

I like the changes overall. I have one small suggestion though, please make having the mine transferred / shared with a new character optional!

I would like to have the option of having different mines and not having to delve sideways for hours just to have a fresh experience.

Thanks for you continued willingness to listen to the community's thoughts and making swift changes to the core!
Unk_Particle wrote:
Yeah TheExistantOne I agree with you.

Awful changes. Special for HC players...
I don't like to do 10 different characters for one league. I just don't have time for it. Wanna have fun and play with 1 hero and just reroll when I die... . But the changes they made promoting to have few heroes geared and ready for delving... .
I imagine that I'm going really deep like 300+ and then what? Best option will be making like 10 another heroes specific for some map section mods in delve and jumping between them... . Another one or two just for zoom zoom fast farming fossils/resonators

in the same boat as you. but the players ggg listens to are nolifers and they're pressing their advantage of getting more out of beimg able to run several chars for different tasks (maps and mf being the other issues).

but if you think about it, it's in ggg's interest to keep exactly those people playing cause they're the most dedicated ones while there likely is a high fluctuation among casual players (with some exceptions like me and probably you f.e.)

lastly: i how do playing hardcore and having less playtime play together in poe, i ever thought they're both related closely.
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Remove sulph cap, it's the only problem forcing player to go there instead of more natural transition. Few maps and you're full and gain nothing later from encountering Nico.
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I don't understand these guys wanting a "fresh" delve experience with each new character. If you're so much in love with doing the same low depths over and over, it shouldn't be a problem for you guys to delve sidewise a bit until you can't see the original shaft. RNG works the same everywhere.
if we getting an increase coast on sulfite, please also increase the capacity of sulfite too according to the same ratio
Exile009 wrote:
r3g1s wrote:
Idea for a easy fix for this league:
Make it so you can find sulphite in areas in mine and/or trade azurite for sulphite at fixed ratio.
This way you can stay in mine and delve if you want and you're efficient about it or you can map and then delve.
Quick and easy.

They've made it amply clear from just the very basic design of the league that they don't want you just living in the Delve. It threatens to make the rest of the game obsolete, which negatively impacts any future content plans they have.

why the fuck would it do that?! there's nothing down there in the mine but the option to farm some more currency and items that you then OBVIOUSLY use (at least theoretically since crafting sucks) to get your char stronger in order to be able to play higher tier maps! I don't know what delve you people are playing cause the one that interrupts my mapping each time my sulfite amount reaches critical mass has nothing interesting going for it whatsoever!
since I have no hope for significant game design improvements in this game I am officially done with Path of Exile. done for good
I look forward to endlessly dragging the map around with the mouse to maddening tedium.

While also continuing to grind sulphite effortlessly outside of maps or with throwaway white maps ...because F off going through hundreds of chaos for 30 minutes worth of delving.

"We wan't you only use the sulphite you earned on each character" ...what a load of bs. You don't need to be a 10ex sunderboi to effortlessly get sulphite from every part of the game from 1-70 in campaign. Not making it account wide makes zero sense, you aren't preserving anything by not letting players play the characters as they see fit ..just like Atlas.

GGG consistently misses the entire point of the player feedback; and the first half of any change they propose to do "because of player feedback", where they counteract it with the second half of changes.

It's like complaining that you only get fed hot soup during the summer, so they make a change by making it so hot soup is never given out during hot days, like summer; and you now get your choice of hot pasta, hot casserole, or hot chili ....with hot chocolate for a treat.

While we are at it, make it so you can't store maps in a map tab can only run maps you personally find on that character. The same goes for gear. Because that's such a great experience and balancing threshold to make sure you are doing content you earned.
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Dex8172 wrote:
The delve league is the most important single expansion you ever did, !!!

omg. no. just no.
since I have no hope for significant game design improvements in this game I am officially done with Path of Exile. done for good
Thank for improvement :)
theoc86 wrote:
LMTR14 wrote:
Heli0nix wrote:
Glad to see you are reacting really fast to feedback it's still really early in the league that's the perfect moment to do these changes :)

Thank you, looking forward to this patch !

when you rush release, obv there's gonna be fixes after release. and based on the crashiness alone (easily 150 crashes at this point and I don't even play that much) this must have been the rushiest release in the entire lifetime of the game

If you have 150 crashes then you should hire some one who actually knows what there doing to tell you why your setup is causing this cause i doubt its the game or everyone would be in the same boat!

same setup I used earlier in leagues like legacy and harbinger. most of the crashes happen when I want to log in after starting the game, which sometimes can take up to 15 min! or go to the mining camp or into the mine for the first time. towns obv also very bad. but I think with the patches the situation has become better now
since I have no hope for significant game design improvements in this game I am officially done with Path of Exile. done for good

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