[3.4] Noodle's STOP! Toxic Rain / Withering Touch Pathfinder

I am using this build in Hardcore Delve and it's working great. Not a fan of the ranger but it is a nice change from Marauder or Templar.

My question: you are using Quill Rain and for me that is a major dps decrease from Infractem. Why is that? What am I missing here? :)

I'm not Noodle but I do have a similar Toxic Rain character and I am in her guild; the biggest thing to note here is attack speed. Quill Rain's attack speed allows us to just get more pods out there in the same amount of time. More pods = more damage over time, which is what we're actually scaling.

The DPS on your tooltip is going to be somewhat inaccurate because it's telling you the DPS on your initial hit, which isn't actually the main source of damage on the build. The damage really comes from a whole bunch of pods doing a whole bunch of damage over time and overlapping.

So that's why we run Quill Rain and why your tooltip shows a DPS decrease from Infractem. Toxic Rain is honestly so OP you could pretty much use any bow at all, but Quill Rain just does it better than everything else.
Hey guys, will this build work on hardcore?
Despite the fact it's a bit low on HP, and therefore susceptible to one-shots, you should be fine. Kintsugi would be mandatory for you.
- TroubiCZ
Why Rain of Arrows on the totem instead of another Toxic Rain?

Because the maim chance is computed per each hit. TR fires only 5 arrows, RoA 20.
- TroubiCZ
Hi, I'm considering this as a starter build for Betrayal, since I haven't tried TR yet (or really, any proper bow build, for that matter)..

Would Allelopathy Gloves (possibly with spell totem support) be a terrible replacement for Vaal Blight / RoA Totem?
Increased DoT and AoE as well as a free Blight (level 22)...
Are those usually expensive at the start of a new league?

I guess with a blight totem, I'd need to find another way to apply maim - or get additional totem somehow.

Skirmish could be a place to start (just tested, it works, despite the wording)
Quill Rain now causes you to deal 40% less Damage (as opposed to Weapon Damage). This affects all versions of the item.

I think it just might be RIP. Such a shame because I was so excited to try this build this weekend. ;_;
scaling the dot will probably still be worth while for mid game mapping and stuff, but it will not be able to faceroll end game on a budget like it used to.

Maybe not all is lost - Added new stats: Non-Ailment Chaos Damage over Time Multiplier. I don't expect to get back the whole 40%, but let's see.
- TroubiCZ
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trouba wrote:
Maybe not all is lost - Added new stats: Non-Ailment Chaos Damage over Time Multiplier. I don't expect to get back the whole 40%, but let's see.

on gear u can get it, yes - but on the tree it won't be reachable (between shadow & witch)
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