[3.4] Noodle's STOP! Toxic Rain / Withering Touch Pathfinder

Update Oct 5th:
- Build guide video!!

Build Guide Video
It's Noodle, with a second league starting build for 3.4 Delve league! Toxic Rain is pretty OP, but you probably knew that already. If you have any questions feel free to come ask me live, at my Twitch channel while I'm streaming!


Toxic Rain is a very unique new bow skill, that has 3 distinct parts to its damage. Those parts, in order:

1. The "Hit." This is the damage the arrows do. This is scaled by physical/projectile damage, but it is the least of our damage by far. Our lack of hit damage makes leech very difficult, so I would not recommend focusing on this damage.

2. The Pod's DoT. This is the damage this build focuses on. Once the arrows land, they create pods. As long as the pods exist (duration) they are dealing chaos Damage over Time. You can scale this damage with Chaos Damage and Damage Over Time, but also Projectile Damage, which adds to our DoT. In addition, this DoT reduces enemy Movement Speed which is a big factor for this build.

3. The Pod Explosion. The pod's explode, dealing AoE damage. This is also a "Hit." The explosion does more damage than the initial hit, but is not our focus.

This build focuses on increasing the duration and damage of the Pods before they explode and making our enemies really heckin' slow. We use Withering Touch (hinder), Temporal Chains, Vaal Blight and Maim on Hit to achieve maximum slowness.

Using Dual Curses (Doedre's Damning ring, or Windshriek boots if that fits better) is important for both slowing (temp chains; blasphemy aura) and a huge damage boost (despair; witchfire brew flask).

Pros and Cons
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+ fast clear
+ excellent single target
+ making things super slow is hilarious
+ easy to level with
+ can be low investment and still big DPS

- ground effects are hard to see
- how Toxic Rain works is confusing/can be done lots of ways
- you can't get Chocolate Rain out of your head

Build Guide Video
Shaper Guardian Kills
Shaper Kill

Path of Building
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Has all leveling trees: https://pastebin.com/T7c0AJu8
Note: Removed Sniper (damage) to grab Druidic Rite (mana/flask charges) for defensive boost.

My current character: https://pastebin.com/SwxJdMCS

Leveling Trees
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I leveled with Caustic Arrow until you get Toxic Rain at level 12. Since they scale similarly, no need to change tree at all. Grab Aspect of the Eagle right away, then go for Herbalism.

Note: Removed Sniper (damage) to grab Druidic Rite (mana/flask charges) for defensive boost.

Level 20

Level 50

Level 74

Level 90

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1. Nature's Boon
2. Nature's Reprisal
3. Nature's Adrenaline
4. Master Alchemist

Since we've removed Herald of Agony, Master Toxicist gives us less damage/benefits than Nature's Adrenaline, and Master Alchemist's immunity to Elemental Ailments during flask effect (aka constantly) will help us survive. Alchemist particularly helpful in the delves, where sudden shocks and freezing can be deadly.

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Kill All

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Major: Lunaris because projectiles can be terrible. But primarily for the upgrade to "avoid chain" because we are going to be using our Withering Touch totem a lot.

Minor: Gruthkul for phys damage reduction & reduced enemy attack speed, but you should change this one as needed.

On Jewels, we want (in order of importance):
1. Attack speed
2. Life
3. Damage over Time
4. Projectile Damage
5. Chaos Damage

With fossils (Aberrant) we can now craft jewels with up to 30% chaos damage. This is better boost than the highest DoT/Projectile Damage rolls, if you can craft/afford one.

Cherribum's Maleficence will be the best damage boost chest you can get. However, I've switched to Kintsugi to help avoid big hits in the delves. Using Queen of the Forest, Loreweave, Lightning Coil, Belly of the Beast... any defensive chest for your needs is good if you feel squishy.


My current gear:

Gem Link
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Toxic Rain - Mirage Archer - Void Manipulation - Vicious Projectiles - Swift Affliction - Concentrated Effect OR Increased Duration

Mirage Archer gives us more pods, and while he can't stack poisons for us, the number of pods is key. As for Conc Effect vs. Increased Duration; I will have to get to end game to see which is better. I lean towards Conc Effect, because it gives us a big enough damage boost that it makes up for the lack of duration. My calculations are based on the following formula;

(duration x DoT) x (# of arrows x attack rate) x (mirage archer) = DoT Total

Conc Effect: (1.35 x 23365)x(8 x 5.52) = 1,392,927
Inc Duration: (1.99 x 15176)x(8 x 5.52) = 1,333,642

Ranged Attack Totem - Rain of Arrows - Withering Touch - Faster Attacks - Maim

Phase Run - Increased Duration

Arctic Armour

Vaal Blight

Vaal Clarity We are also using Clarity to help Mana Regen

Blasphemy - Temporal Chains

Blink Arrow - Faster Attacks

Cast when Damage Taken - Immortal Call - Increased Duration - Phase Run

If you are using Herald of Agony:
Herald of Agony - Vicious Projectiles
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Very much looking forward to trying this build out! It looks like a lot of fun. :D
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hELLO can u give the pantheon details plx tt
So close to what I made and I have no idea what I'm doing ;)
Daeween wrote:
hELLO can u give the pantheon details plx tt

Sure! I'll add this into the guide.

Major: Lunaris, because projectiles can be terrible. But primarily for the upgrade to "avoid chain" because we are going to be using our Withering Touch totem a lot.

Minor: Gruthkul, because the physical damage mitigation but also reducing attack speed is nice. I'd say change this one as needed for the area, however.
I'm playing with TR as my league starter and my build is similar to yours. I prefer Increased Duration as my last link because Miracle Archer is also affected by it.

Based on your formula, my current DoT DPS is:

(2.06 x 21958)x(8x5.52) = 1.997.068
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BTW awesome build i could do my uber lab at lvl 75 :x
also is it Conc eff or Increased duration for mirage archer
Will this push farther thank trickster Toxic/CA?

Torn on the 2

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