The Delve League Launches Soon!

Downloads torrent, get's it all copied across nicely, launch time approaches...1gb download needs to happen still.

Like, was there even a point to me preloading when I must still patch an entire GB (internet at home is slow). Could have just updated the game regularly a couple hours earlier.
Patched around 7PM. Now in Strand, The Hunt for OG begins...
oh yeah lets start it
Can you please fix the server problems so I can play the league... first time I can't play a league at the start... Where are you investing the money guys?
Just went ahead and deleted the GGPK zip file since it took an hour to unzip to 42%. What a fucking joke. STOP USING FUCKING ZIP FILES. I'm Just updating like NORMAL and it's going way faster. GG Tencent.
Yo Bexi I love you. But, you should maybe look after the Steam releases. It's past 1 am in my timezome and the game should have been updated. I know launch is a difficult time but sorry for my language what the fuck! It is almost 2AM...
Ok cool! (Dang I posted late on this one lol!!)
Alright, I have to say, so far, this league is amazing. The Delve feels very appealing, intriguing, and super interesting. I can't wait to discover more !

I'm afraid the new lightning is going to destroy any hope I had for better performance because when there is a big battle, game starts to slow down (with all at low). So I guess I'll be stuck with turning any new option off.

New filters are super useful, as some of the quality of life things you guys put here and there. Very well done.

Also had a few crashes while entering Delve or Niko's camp.
Two thumbs down for patch day. Crash after crash ad nauseum, no error messages, game is unplayable.
So im farming OG and in TS i have "Area contains deposits of Voltaxic Sulphite". But... where?

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