The Delve League Launches Soon!

send me torrent in myspace thanks
Mirror drop at pier in legacy :>
I'm gonna seed, just for all of you guys! :)
New league. New grind. Let’s go!
IGN: Chocobar/Jerlestarter (Betrayal)
GGG_ForcedMeTo_SSF (SSF Betrayal)
hello Torrent my friend
12 hours and its on
thanks!! downloading!!!!! BEXXXXXX what build will rock it???? We are sooooo confused :P
Preload this byatch...

So many choice wanna play so many new builds...
I'm a noob to doing the patch this way.
can someone give me an easy rundown of the process?

going to dld it tonight while sleeping and deal with it in the morning.

Help is appreciated :)

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