[3.4] Summonating Blow, Unholy Fists of Dominance (WIP)

Would definitely like your opinions!

Inspirations: Consecrated path , Holy Relic, Herald of Purity, Dominating Blow, New Guardian Ascendancy

Key Features:
-High mobility due to consecrated path
-Large summons pool (over 60 with Vaal skeletons active)
-A lot of flexibility
-Able to test play style without heavy investment

Path of Building Links

Example level 100 character, includes pathing to "Death Attunement" for additional spectre. https://pastebin.com/GWA1twVM

Example level 100 character, excludes pathing to "Death Attunement" in case you don't want to use Spectres or if you only want to use one of them. https://pastebin.com/bPM6UPfG

Additional Pathing Options

-Path to grave intentions for additional zombies (there is probably a more efficient use of points, but it's an option).
-Weapon nodes are within easy reach.
-If using a war cry consider words of glory.
-1H and Shield nodes are within easy reach.
-If not using spectre's ditch pathing to death attunement.
-Multiple jewel nodes within reach.
Please feel free to share your changes in the comments.

Undergoing some changes, ill keep the build updated as I work through them.

A quick note regarding unique item requirements. Dancing Dervish and Facebreakers are definitely not required, but for the cost I consider them an amazing addition.

When shopping one thing to consider, dancing dervish does not require its sockets to be linked to benefit from the support gems. Buying a 1 socket dervish and jeweling it until you've got a 5 or 6s wep is extremely affordable. Upgrading to the Dancing Duo is nothing more than a convenient bonus.

A quick note, my gear here is by no means close to best in slot, simply posted to provide examples or inspiration for your own builds. Please do recommend upgrades in the comments and once we collectively have a good idea of what works well, I'll update the build with an official recommended list.

Note: I'm still expirementing with some of the gems here but the main stays of the build are unchanged. For example I am trying out life leech, this could easily be swapped for convocation, phase run, a war cry etc...

Basic and Detailed Gameplay Overview

Break faces with your unholy fists of dominance.

Consecrated path coupled with dominating blow & melee splash is the real show stopper here. Usually within 3 or 4 Consecrated/Dominating blow combos I'm fully buffed, rampage has set in, dervish is flying around doing things that dancing swords do, with an army of 6 zombies, 4 sentinels of purity, up to 13 sentinels of dominance (some of which have an aura), 2 spectre's casting frenzy, a tanked out aura providing guardian, a healing holy relic, and an additional army of skeletons if it gets to crazy, all being teleported to my location continually to keep up with my consecrated teleports.

Spectre Instructional
Purchase or level a desecrate skill gem. This is used to spawn corpses on higher level maps. Equip on wep switch, preferably with spell echo to assist in getting large number of corpses. Using the A key is helpful in highlighting a particular corpse.
Go to the old fields in act 2, kill carnage chieftains and animate. Now head to the highest map level available to you and spam desecrate in a safe area until you find carnage chieftain corpses in the corpse pile. (You haft to have a chieftain present in your summons pool in order to spawn a chieftain corpse). Hold the A key to highlight corpse, animate and profit. Removing the gem from your gear will result in a repeat of this process. Sounds way more difficult than it really is.

Ascendancy, Bandits, Pantheon


To be determined


Wont be offended if you point out how stupid I did. Thanks again and appreciate the feedback.

Hey there first time attempt at creating a build. Most of what I have done here has just been pulled from multiple builds I've looked at and put together in a way that made sense to me. I'd appreciate any and all feedback on any potential issues you may spot. I've also intentionally left some blanks to this build mainly due to my own ignorance so I'd love gear/skill suggestions. Also I understand this may not be the fastest or best summoner build but it seems like it would be fun.

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just a thought, although i may be way off base, but if you ditch consecrated path, you could probably pop in an srs totem setup in the chest. I would imagine it would synergize well with the other minions.
Thanks for the reply! Definitely a good thought! I used consc path because its new and novel and I assumed I may need healing the higher the difficulty goes but I'd definitely like to play around with srs totem! If you have the time could you give an example of what you had in mind, as far as gem setup goes. Thanks again!!
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Just wanted to say, this is the exact idea of the build I was looking for. You seem to be doing what I was thinking about, but wasn't sure if it was a good idea. I am also thinking of running facebreakers as well, but not sure if it will be good with missing some setups.
It looks good, i was thinking something similar, but i thing dom blow will be great on necro. I'm not sure just how good this new heralds minions will be. And necro give so much for minions and yourself

And also if u wont use spectres than i thing i would drop death atunnement, it'll give u 6 extra points
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Hey thanks Natenjay, I'm glad I'm not the only one thinking in this direction. Won't be long now. If you do go this route I'd love to hear if ya run across any obvious issues. Facebreakers would be awesome, lemme know if ya workout the logistics.
Thanks Socaro, ya I can't wait to put them to the test. Keep us updated if ya go a similar route. Definitely hear what your saying about death attunement, I'll play with it today and look for a more optimal setup.
Updated skills tree to reflect changes suggested by Socaro
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Your pastebin passive tree doesn't work anymore with the latest past of building (1.4.103).
Could you update it ?

Thanks !
Hey I started to update it and I'm getting error messages from path of building (Known error according to the forums relating to summoner builds) I'll update as soon as the issue is fixed, sorry for the inconvenience.
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