[3.7] Pure Phys Cyclone Raider! 1M DPS! Starforge/ Kondos Pride! League Starter!

I'd say it does help a lot, yes. Especially with bosses.
Thank you for posting.

To see the latest version of the skill tree, we should use POB.
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Hey, thanks for the guide.

How do you get 5 red sockets on your armor? it's int/dex based.

is there are crafting mod for 5 red? I only see 3 on mine.
POB for this?

My standard more OP version of this.

Cyclone doesnt cost any mana, So I use it all by reserving flesh and stone (Sand Stance), Grace, and Punishment.

I was going back and fourth on using pride and other gems but found that damage isnt an issue at all, and sometimes I would still rip cause poe is poe. Grace, and Sand stance with a Rumi Flask has pretty much negated one shots.

Also in this I needed to use blood magic with leap slam and molten shell since my mana pool is 29.. Auto Cast molten shell with the left click and your're good to go.

Blade vortex gems kinda just filler, cant really think of anything else to place there, and the synth boots mostly just for as much Move speed as I can get and the extra ES is nice.
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