[3.4] BeJust's Overlord of Purity (a melee summoner with Smite) WIP

tainium wrote:
Katastruff wrote:
Just a quick question, if i use them apes to get power charges, why take the ''Resolute Technique'' node?
Carnage Chieftain is for Frenzy Charges, not Power Charges.

I should have known that after 3 years...

Life goes by like a fart in the wind.
I absolutely love the passive tree, but I swapped over to Dominating Blow with Chaber Cairn around lvl 70.

5-6L DB with 4L zombies, 4L ape spectres+stone golem, and extra HoP combined with your tree is actually difficult to keep up with. I had to spec into "stun has culling strike" just to keep 4 HoP minions up. The extra AoE makes DB+splash unstoppable. I'm sitting at lvl 83 with 31% armour and absolutely wrecking shit.
I'm having a lot of fun leveling in standard Delve league with this build!
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LvL 54 with this build it is fun and seems very solid!
Too squishy for me. If my minion get kill, I'm not toughing 5 secondes theres. Not really my expectation in order to farm Map and to do Delve.
MajorJosh wrote:
Fuck the zombies, you're better off adding something else.

Chaos Golem, Sentinels and Holy Relic are still fine and useful though.

Couldnt of said it better, get something else instead of zombies... only usefull for early leveling.
Edit: im currently playing DB (only one hit) then i proceed to kill everything by smite spamming. My current exile lacks hp though...
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I agree with the "fuck the zombies" sentiment, I have like 100 mana since I run wrath, HoP, and HoT and having to wait to summon those bastards over and over was annoying. I dropped them a few days ago and just use vaal skeletons and specters. Paired with the HoP bros, it's plenty of minions to keep bosses distracted so you can focus on doing circles around them and hitting them in the back so you don't get hit. I'm running red maps and die to bosses here and there, but finally my character is getting decent enough to survive. I just ran a t10 shipyard map with an elder boss and was expecting to get destroyed by it and beat dat ass without dying once. since the damage is there, I switched from inpulsa to incandescent heart for armor so I get more life leech, too, which is nice for survival-ability.
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I just bought this jewel, thinking the added phys damage would apply to me aswell with Spiritual Aid. But it doesnt increase my tooltip damage whatsoever. So does it work or not? Seems like it should add damage seeing the description of Spiritual Aid....
So does it work or not? Seems like it should add damage seeing the description of Spiritual Aid....

I don't think flat damage works, it needs to be percentage based increased damage.
how would you inpulsa if your running 3red 3blue, its a dex based chest so asking to get 3 red and 3 blue is like winning the lottery if you gonna try and 6l with the smite link.

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