Delve Balance Changes

vBlitzO wrote:
Inpulsa nerfs???

Maybe this?

"Secondary Damage
Sources of Secondary Damage, like corpse explosions or the blasts from Explosive Arrow, can now be blocked or dodged. "
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must resist must study T_T
Right when I thought I found a good league starter, NERF!
Why reduce trap power, in an infinite dungeon won't we need more power to get further?
And now Cluster traps only difference with Multi trap is the fact that it goes in a straight line?
This seems like too much of a Debuff. (-__-)'

Overall though guess I'm slightly more pleased with the changes to Chaos damage more so than the debuff to the trapper, although from what I can see so far you just made everyone want to do bow builds. You're taking away some of the leveling consistency from the players who love to level to end game but are not experts.

They will be too powerful, if you think the traps were too much, and you're probably going to nerf them when the league is over anyway.

Well, I do look forward to the upcoming league. So here's hoping things progress well for the players and GGG!

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I love it. I love the changes and effort all of you put in. I'm excited! Forever Exiled, A Path of Exile Podcast
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Oh......My........ (Takai Voice). I can only get sooo aroused for Dominating Blow..STAHP!
Ele hit still on the menu, naisu.
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We've now changed all Vaal skills that are affected by duration modifiers to have their soul prevention time also affected by the duration modifier.

RIP Vaal Summon Skeletons.
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>Hey its time for some balance!!
>Buffs RF.

Rory at shit balancing again.
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