Delve Balance Changes

Sorry, Sunderboi.
˙͜ >˙
hell ye brother
So elemental hit still fine, huh? Good to know.
Not bad. I like a lot of these changes. it's so great to see Spellblock's actually a thing. One of the things that had me run to Acro was there was no way to block spells without a huge cost. There's no need to go that high in the passive tree anymore unless you're going 2 handed.
another nerf to KB... the only decent wander skill...
Alright alright, how about blade vortex though? Is it perfectly normal for the majority of chars to be using it? Is the spell considered in lime with other options? Im genuinely curious
Agreed on the spell block. Having even small amounts accessible to all characters will be nice. It was an all or none thing before.

Balance of movement skills is important. Every character plays with one.

Nice GGG.

How long do we have to wait for the skill tree?
I predicted that traps would get nerfed and not arc as everyone thought.
these are called nerfs. please change title

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