New Unique Map: Doryani's Machinarium

YAY more escort/payload stuff... the probably #1 most hated mechanic in pretty much any game. that an entire league is built around. i foresee this league being dead insanely quickly unless theres game breaking OP items available from in it.
Kb nerf 3.4 thx

Delete MF too thx
what skill is that?
Looks annoying.
eh? seems ok i guess. +1 atlas completion yeet
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lightning strike buffs coming?
cool cool
drenched 👌
blue blade flurry mtx plssss
also crystal earth shatter
Noshei wrote:
Yay, another unique map I wont run because it never drops.

true shit right there
Not to sound ungrateful but 90% of unique maps are just a chore to do for atlas bonus. I hope this one has some staying power.

Pillars of adun in particular is one of the two worst things ever implemeneted in poe, the other is shakiri's boss fight.
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Looking good! really excited for this league

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