New Unique Map: Doryani's Machinarium

First of most of it looks recycled from the temple and game, second wtf is your obsession with escorting stuff lately...
will this unique map also never drop for me ingame :) ?
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Runslingan wrote:
will this unique map also never drop for me ingame :) ?

You have the GGG guarantee! ;)
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New map! Great! But I wish GGG would actually make the boss(es) a bit more unique. That vaal oversoul boss thing has been used way too many times before.
You should have given them the redmane treatment.. Make a statement!
You should have given them the redmane treatment.. Make a statement!
You should have given them the redmane treatment.. Make a statement!
When I first read some of what you'd written, I thought "huh, a unique map to experience the Omnitect?"

Except... Palette-swapped Oversoul. Yeah, I don't think we needed YET ANOTHER version of this guy.

I'll admit: I'm actually kinda okay with most labyrinth mechanics. So if the escort part didn't detract TOO much with "Weave around HP-scaled traps" and was just an excuse to dump MASSIVE numbers of enemies around you, it'd be alright.

Also, I do wonder what those pre-identified rares were doing in the drop... Does this boss drop "Atzoatl Architect" rares like the Omnitect does? If so, that's ANOTHER point to where this fight SHOULD have just been the Omnitect, not another Oversoul.

Lastly... Yeah, unique maps are in a bad spot. They have the potential to be fun (unless it's Pillars of Arun) but as mentioned, mostly they're just run for Atlas completion. That, and with the nerf to The Encoraching Darkness (WITHOUT a countering buff to direct unique map drop rates!) this made them painful to get. This should REALLY be addressed.
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Level 25 purity of fire?
Hmm, the boots look good. Also please make that vaal thing appear quicker since you love it so much and use it everywhere.
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Interesting map, I'm not sure why people say make it faster. Not every map needs to be cleared in 2 seconds. Those boots however solve a problem I have with an experimental Righteous Fire build I'm doing, interesting indeed.
unique maps, yes i could buy them.

maschinenraum sounds interesting though. but i didn't really get how i make this fight more difficult to get more rewards (or fail, in my case, usually).
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Xenombra wrote:
Not fair GGG. Boot for Fire spell again!!!! Cold spell, we need cold spell stuff. Stop with fire, we know RF is powerful, you already sell us every MTX on this.

ehm, excuse me.. have you seen the video? you can CHOOSE the type of damage! it's up to you...

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