When is Incursion Being Added to the Core Game?

I was very excited about Incursion, and although it was good, it did not deliver as much as I expected. Tier 3 room rewards are pretty underwhelming - e.g. Tier 3 Vault is basically Uber Lab chests with a bit more currency. Uber Lab takes 15 minutes, while getting a Tier 3 Vault can take several temples.

There is not much depth after checking out the rooms - you just have a small list of rooms you like, and if you can't get them, you don't bother with the mechanic. The boss fight is underwhelming (easy, not very rewarding) and the jungle layout is always the exact same, beating the purpose of finding the temple in the jungle.

Good addition would be the ability to select a room to 'incurse' into, at least having the choice of a couple of rooms, or have it prioritise higher tier rooms first. When you have Tier 2 Vault, Tier 2 Storage, Tier 2 Corruption Chamber and the last two incursions take you to Tier 0 Chasm, that is just annoying.
rip all legecy acuritys and kaoms on std and hc(double corrupt). its about time we get rid of them anyway.
We'll see how well it will be 'balanced' between useless/unrewarding and the treadmill it forces you by now.

Alva as a master: would need a controlled way to fail her missions... while keeping both architects alive is not an option.

Temple could have less but larger rooms, to increase the control over the layout. Filler/trash rooms are neccessary to stay, same as the general idea of the incursion timer. Improvement chance: timer could stop running out after clearing (always can use the token)

Crazy(?) idea: let the temple be 'complete' on upgrading a room to tier 3, with a minimum of 9 incursions?

Other idea: all doors - to accessible rooms - in the temple could open after you killed the omnitect. Improvement: I'd like to be able to see closed doors in the minimap and overlay!
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smon2k wrote:
i really luv poe, and iam playing it since january 2013.

i just wish the lvl of random-ness wouldn't increase exponentially every league.
At some point it started to feel like
"no matter what i do or play or want, if i have lots of luck i will get it, otherwise not".
Incursion was the first addon in a long time that gave you a fair chance to have real game progression because you can decide what kind of rewards you prefer and which path you want to go.
Lets see how this will impact the future of PoE.

P.S.: 25% chance to get 150% salary at the end of the month. 75% chance you will get nothing. Just doesn't feel any fair.

I agree with you, but i fear we won't see any change of this kind soon, not with the scare of bestiary player drop off not too long ago. PoE can be played in so many ways, so a lot of people watch streamer builds and replicate that in order to do good instead of trying stuff themselves. Those streamers are people that play every day, all day and use speed clear meta builds with magic find. Those builds tend to burn you out (as even those streamers admit) and people quit. GGG wants to prevent this for the sake of player retention, so they base the rewards on the drop rates for those players and trade league.

I think they might be too scared to see what would happen if they stopped focussing on those kinds of people/builds and actually gave less rng based (unique item) rewards to players (ssf is also popular right?). I doubt it would matter much, since good items are already 1c most of the time in trade, but having a real chance at having them drop in certain content would feel sooooo much better than buying them for a currency item that drops commonly. I think that although people like you or me, might be bitching a bit on the forum about change, we are actually the average players that are still playing the game after the speed clear and streamer guys have quit the league. I think they might forget that and instead cater to the more visible audience, but then again; it's a company and their course of action isn't only based on game fairness since they also need to keep the lights on. Maybe with tencent investing it will change, but i doubt it since they own league of legends too and that games is balanced purely around the highest skilled/no life players as well. We'll see.
WithLoveEarL wrote:
Good addition would be the ability to select a room to 'incurse' into, at least having the choice of a couple of rooms, or have it prioritise higher tier rooms first. When you have Tier 2 Vault, Tier 2 Storage, Tier 2 Corruption Chamber and the last two incursions take you to Tier 0 Chasm, that is just annoying.

I absolutely want something along these lines, but I think just allowing it for free would be too good. The Incursions themselves have very good loot, already, and, if nothing else, the Temple run itself is an extra map (particularly with Workshop and Barracks boosts, although I haven't messed with the Cartography room enough to see if you can get decent maps out of it, yet).

Maybe the temple could benefit from having some extra things drop during the Incursions? Similar to the Stone of Passage except it changes other things elsewhere in the Temple. Maybe there could be a rare drop in higher-level Incursions that upgrades a random level 1+ room? Maybe there's another that adds an extra Incursion before you do the Temple run? One that lets you pick the next room you invade?

Probably not all of those, but maybe a couple of them.
Incursions were okay, but...
* timer and door mechanics are awful
* layered RNG gating when upgrading rooms is awful
* timer is awful
* 80% of rooms are no-reward fillers - you want corruption room, gems room, map room and random item room, anything else can be ignored
* a lot of backtracking
* corruption altar feels like a scam, I've burned 50ex worth of stuff on it
* massive drop nerf mid-league made them nearly pointless
So overall experience was more on the unpleasant side.
Organic chemistry is a weird thing. If you add a spoon of shit to a barrel of jam you'll get a barrel of shit.
Great news and happy to hear you are aware of lack of progression (once you get lvl95 and do shaper etc) being a common challenge.
Bestiary was better than Incursion and still was trash. I dont know people can be so stupid to love Incursion.

And adding it to core game looks very stupid. I hope you will not broke poe, it was a good game before this 2 addons.
The +8 Frostferno dream hasn't died !!!

Mine neither, they just poofed away all the time.
Soon my day will come and I'll get that corruption!
sweet, this doesn't come as a big surprise, it's a good league and it adds another element to the replayability of the game, running through the game and running like 5+ temples before you reach endgame was a blast, lots of loot potential to be had, tho i didn't get to participate much in the making of good corrupted items. i wonder how incursion content will turn out over the next few years, endless possiblities, lots of balance
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