At the end of last week, we announced our upcoming expansion Path of Exile: Delve. Alongside this update, we're also introducing several graphical improvements which include an update to our water technology to make it flow more realistically around environment objects by using a fluid dynamics simulation that calculates flow based on terrain geometry.

Our top priority when implementing these improvements was to make sure that the new water shader is non-blocking to the rest of the gameplay code. This means it runs in the background without affecting gameplay or loading times. The water updates will run more efficiently than the current water tech in the game and should not cause any frame drops.

While this is still a work in progress and we expect further improvements to come, we wanted to share a preview of what this looks like in the meantime.

By the way, we are preparing an FAQ about the Delve League for some time this week. Please let us know if you have any questions!
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Improvements to keep it looking good are always appreciated!
Amazing. Looking forward to Delve League. :)
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RIP mine potato PC's FPS, GG GGG

Even if u say its will not drop any FPS - it still be ...
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Looks amazing. I also wanted to thank you again, for the newer mapping system. Thank you !!
No more water flowing perpendicularly to the riverbed in the Lush hideout? Hell yeah!
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