[3.5] Blade Flurry Elementalist. One tap the entire screen [Inpulsa+3Dragons] + Full video guide

looks dope. i may try as charged dash.
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Hey looks great. Just wanted to share that I tried this on an inquis and i think elementalist is a must to get the explosions to chain like that.

First the elementalist provides free prolife and a lot of free freeze/shock/.

Might work on inquis/assassin if you can scale the crit on HoI, but that seems like alot of investment. Otherwise you would need to figure out a way for the explosions to shock/freeze which seems impossible without crazy investment which breaks the rest of the build.

Let me know if I missed something maybe?
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What's most important to have prolif on? HoI or BF? I'm thinking assassin with Dori Catalyst offhand. Also what about using spells with this setup? good?
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No idea how did u cap your res with 9 uniques.
In order to get rid of clearspeed meta cap global movement speed at 100% but make all skills instant so everything feels great.
Thief's Torment, Wise Oak, and Three Dragons all give +All res. He is just barely uncapped without wise oak up. And that is with res on only 2x of his jewels.
Think it's possible to go with a crit version that has the herald explosions even in higher maps but also allows for the base attacks to be even stronger by critting?
Just gonna keep this info to myself lul

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maybe im missing something but it seems pretty hard to sustain mana. am i missing something here?
Just wanna say this build looked fun so i threw it together with some gear i had left over in standard. The clear is insane. If anyone is on the fence I would say go for it. I had a legacy rumi's so i went max block which makes this build super tanky. Outside of the Inpulsa the only piece of gear i spent close to an ex was the claw which was 1 ex. 10/10 would recommend.

Seems a lot more fun than Blade Vortex, might try making this build on flashback event

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