[3.3] Budget Magic Find Deadeye - For Upcoming Flashback Race / League Start

Keybode wrote:
I will:
- complete all T1-T2
- a few T3-T4
- complete T5-~T7 (drop, trade/buy from players, buy from Zana)
- get Shaper Orbs
- shape T4 Relic C.
- remove T3-T4
- complete T8+ later (with 20/20 gems, decent jewels...)

Earlier in the post, quoted above, you mentioned that you would only complete "a few T3-T4" maps. I'm just curious (and also trying to learn this game), is there a reason for completing more than the one t3 or t4 map that you want to run? Considering there are 9 t3 and 9 t4 maps (not counting the unique ones) how many would you consider a few? and again what would be the reason for this? Sorry if I seem really picky. I just want to nail down to the best strategies and reasoning for my future atlas setups.

- remove T3-T4

But you can also just skip T3+4, then you don't have to remove them later (when you start farming T3 Burial C.)
99prosorc wrote:

Farming Div Cards and Currency in T3 Burial C. / T4 Volcano / ... at the start of the League / Race

do you un-complete burial from time to time to farm t4 volcano? or vice versa?
Will u show ur progression in incursion flaslashback and change current gear?
Loving the build so far.

I am curious as to where you place 3/4 jewels 2x Abyss and maybe 1/2 Inspired as your tree only takes 2 jewel slots. I was thinking of taking the on above Acrobatics once I get more levels. Also could you post end-game setup (Expensive) and maybe a level 90-100 skill tree if you can.

Current Items:

I managed to do Merciless Lab today which is cool.

Many thanks.


p.s still no exalted orb yet....
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So I got the cheap gear, and now that I reached the epilogue. However I still use rain of arrows, because tornado short don't do any damage. What do you farm/ make money with at this point ? i'm not sure I will be able to handle T3 Burial with the cheap gear/TS
Instead of thief's torment, you can use two rings with life and resists (and int....) and just use divination distillate to make up the quant. BUT this would require some clever management of life or mana, to make sure you don't cut it off early. personally I use a sapping divine life flask: this removes pretty much all my mana, then i pop div distillate and run from pack to pack killing things.

This build is fun and I'm excited about farming with it. Currently level 75, got there pretty much just farming blood aq for the tabula.... rain of arrows supreme atm, i haven't even gotten lioneye's yet.

But i just wonder HOW DO YOU GUYS MANAGE RESISTS?!?! I'm sitting at 60, -1, and -11 fire cold and lightning respectively. I have everything in the starter setup. I bought 2 jewels with 50+ total res (haven't yet slotted second one yet) and I have a +29 all res bismuth .... and i'm still getting my ass kicked.

hi, thx for the guide! everything keeps good for 3.4?

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