[3.4] KissMeQuick's Ultra Regen Blade Vortex Tank | 10K HP | 15K+ Leech & Regen | Easy Uber Elder

Nice build man gratz, I'm following the evolution since the first day of the topic.

I have some doubts.

What are the keys of this build? The Disintegrator is necessary or a BIS for it?

How are you proc the Trickster recovery in shaper fight without the worms?

Also, I am planning to start the nex race event with your Gladiator build in HC, looks great too.

Your guides are pretty much the best guides I seen in the 3 years I am playing POE, thx very much for sharing it =)

No doubts, only dreams!

No flask active, no charges, nothing - still tanks slam and regens ~ 15K per second.


In very short:

> Every possible effective regen option and leech
> Arakaali and pantheon abuse with Disintegrator - Disintegrator does phys damage, immortal call stops it and procs Arakaali.
> Might of the Meek abuse
> Overleech
> Disintegrator is BIS and also gives us leech and more damage and everything.

I don't proc the trickster there and worms die on hit so they can't be affected with damage over time unfortunately and it's a waste of a flask slot unless I do it with Vaal RF and I don't want normal RF for this build. It would be doable at level 100 but I aim my builds towards level 90 - 93.

Yeah I always wondered why people aren't using my Reave to rush in races, if I'd be a racer I'd do it myself. Nice to see someone finally hopping on it for the big bux :P

The story and complexity of this build is quite long and even though it's already mad strong, I believe I can push it even further. I'll try to write at least the base tomorrow

Thank you for the kind words (:
As soon I get the currency to buy a disintegrator I'll run this build.

Thx again for sharing such nice GG guides =).

So, What clearing spell/attack do you use? Thanks!
Really looking forward for the guides. Yours are so well nd detailed written and so good builds. Do u have a roughly estimated cost for this? So i know if i could even afford to switch :p
Did an Uber Elder carry video as well. Took me 2 deaths that could've been easily avoided, played very greedy!

Might try to do a few more and post a deathless one.

hi man, eagerly awaiting your full build guide. need to decide if this would be viable on a budget/league starter scenario for the race league haha. thanks.

edit -any idea what we can use besides disentegrator? or the build only works with it?
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any news on a sorta final talent tree?
pajamapants wrote:
any news on a sorta final talent tree?

Tinkering around in PoB and trying to find a ranged skill to use but it seems like the best option is to stick with Blade Vortex and utilize increased AOE + cast speed. For Shaper / Uber Elder, would just swap out passive tree then. Not sure yet.
Whew! Took me some practice to finally get it deathless! Did like 10 1 death runs. Will start working on the guide now (:


Added a clear video on Minotaur as well.

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I've dropped the basics in now. Filling rest as well!

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