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After starting the league as a tri-herald BV I was a bit unsatisfied with my single target damage, and wanted to find a way to push the build to its maximum. I think now the changes I made with Avatar of Fire are big enough to warrant making this guide. My hope is to provide a stronger alternative to the norm.

Not much has changed, nerf on stat sticks put an upper limit on our damage. Don't really care though Brightbeak combinations can still tear things up even with no extra dmg. See pastebin for what I'd aim for at level 90 (some gear in there is better than average from my incursion guy, so don't expect the same dmg right away)


Those that can stand tri-herald will experience better clear with that build, Inpulsa 50% nerf could be felt since we also don't chain explosions with Herald of Ice (the lagmaker).

Not much changed here, a bit different pathing on the tree. Will work towards the end-game gear ideal similar to this https://pastebin.com/a2VZrDhN. I recommend going standard tri-herald bv until you start gearing up with inpulsa and other core uniques. Shield charge is slower.

Seems like Phase run/flame dash combos can be comparable to shield charge now - haven't tested.

PoB includes ideal gear (that I had during incursion, no significant double vaal mods)
4.6mil dps (not incl shock)
5.8k hp at level 96
800 unreserved mana, 122 regen with MoM (drop hatred loses 1.2mil dps but gains 1,000 mana for MoM)

I'd love to hear any and all comments to discuss, and will respond to everyone in this thread.


Uber Elder
Uber Elder (my first try of the league)

Most recent kill (2 deaths)


Red Elder

T15 Basilica & Elder Guardian

T16 Lair of the Hydra map & boss

All Shaper Guardians in less than 2 minutes

Minotaur (dead in 4 seconds without Vaal BV, fight starts 5s ends 9s, he would have been dead in 2s if he didn't dive right away

Pro's & Con's

+ BV is a fast map farmer
+ Avatar of Fire pushes the damage to insane levels even with a brightbeak
+ More damage than tri-herald
+ Everything burns - 1.6m DPS with Brightbeak (not including shock) - over 3mil+ using shaper stat sticks (not including shock)
+ Can be budget, but also scale significantly with investment
+ not as laggy as tri-herald (huge difference for my pc)

- Avatar of fire only converts 50% of Inpulsa's explosion - not too noticeable but warranted pointing out
- Life can feel a bit low until you get the right gear, same with recovery (should have a life flask)
- Herald of Ice doesn't pop because we aren't chilling, a bit less of a pop compared to the typical tri-herald BV build

COMPARISON TO OTHER BV BUILDS - I've tried all of these

Standard Tri-Herald Build (Ranked 6/10 for endgame leveling, 8/10 for clear, 6/10 overall opinion)
-HOI adds a little bit extra that may sometimes kill enemies off to the side more-so than this build.
-Many options, can go longer duration, more HP, MoM etc. Basically this can be modified a lot easier if you want to customize.
-Best build to start with if you are unsure

-respectable but not phenomenal single target damage, on incursion room bosses, map bosses, or tanky rares you will notice a huge difference. Even with beefy stat sticks, you will do less, and have to pay more mind to boss mechanics.

Mind over Matter BV - Tri Herald (Ranked 6/10 for endgame leveling, 8/10 for clear, 4/10 overall opinion)
-More tankiness compared to standard build(s), less chance of being one shot

-Mind over matter is annoying, if you get hit in a group of monsters you can get stuck with no mana and die (especially when you are lower level with less damage)
-Would not play again

Phase-Acrobats - crit/non crit (Ranked 9/10 for endgame leveling, 9/10 for clear, 8/10 overall opinion)
-Much tankier overall due to less damage taken (random)
-Can combine with Mind over Matter to be more consistent (likely will go non crit if you choose this, pick up elemental overload)
-Non crit builds are very consistent, with better herald damage
-2nd best build to go with if you are unsure about which BV you want to play
-If I was ever to push 100 I would go this build with non crit, phase/acro, maybe/maybe not MoM (you lose hp, toss up to which is better)

-Takes a lot of points to get to, will have to sacrifice one of either HP, significant damage, or rejig your build to be non crit.
-Can still get one shot by big hits, especially if you have less HP from the build
-One of the lowest dps builds for bosses if you go non-crit

Occultist Profane Bloom CI (Ranked 8/10 for endgame leveling, 6/10 for clear, 7/10 overal)
-Highest effective HP, can get 8k plus energy shield that starts to regen after half a second and regens ridiculously fast. Regen is typically faster than anything can damage you. Allows you to basically never worry about HP ever again. Tanky enough to not worry about most damage in Uber Elder
-Profane bloom gives you a respectable amount of clear, lets you focus on other things (that the build badly needs)
-was significantly cheaper to gear up due to being off meta
-Consistent for leveling to 100

-Fairly low DPS, somewhat similar to standard tri-herald (by low I mean I can still get 1-1.5mil shaper). Damage was noticeably lower, requiring me to dodge more and be careful around the more random, sometimes dangerous mechanics of Uber Elder (one shot mechanics)
-Less clear than tri-herald due to profane bloom not being as consistent as inpulsa (25%). What this means in practice is that you will charge in, kill 4/5ths of the pack, and have to back up to kill the tankier mobs.
-Gear doesn't transfer at all if you wanted to respec into one of the other builds
-Most awkward early game, transitioning to full CI and energy shield is hard early on and early league

Chieftan AoF /w crit (Ranked ?/10 for endgame leveling, 5/10 for clear, 4/10 overall)
-Tanky, high regen
-Lots of dmg capability, similar to AoF elementalist (slightly worse)

-I found the clear to be mediocre, unremarkable
-Version with shaper stat stick was comparable to occultist, with less regen capability than the CI occultist. Basically I gave up around level 60 as it didn't seem worth my time anymore. (tried it once I got the fire explosion stat stick)
-cant run brightbeak/shield combo if you use stat stick with fire explosion, therefore less map speed
-Would not play again

Gear and gems

My current gear setup

Stat stick gear swap (for ultra bosses only)


Gear discussion

The obvious

In order of importance

Inpulsa's allows for the lovely explosions that you see. We this damage is converted to fire due to Avatar of Fire, but it still packs a deadly punch. This build more or less relies on this item and I would almost never swap it out.

Get this as early as you can (level 20), and ride it forever, I can never go back. With this weapon we shield charge around at super speed. Note to self, grab a shield! anything works. These are also super cheap to double corrupt with great mods. I prefer trying to get Onslaught on Kill first, to make everything smoother. If you double corrupt the other nice mod to get is increased Area of Effect.

These gloves are key due to cold conversion. We convert 50% of physical with cold with these gloves, which is key, see the build theory for more detail. Double corrupt is also great here, and cheap. Best corrupt mod is Spell Crit to aim for.

Warlord mark on hit is the bread and butter of your sustain. Once you get this you can make your gem setup much more efficient. Once you start attacking you wont ever have to worry about mana, and the leech is respectable.

Heavy damage, works with the Warlord Mark ring, best option, that is all.

Not amazing, but cheap, and good stats. Core stats here are dexterity, and life. If you can get the dex elsewhere you can probably pick up a better rare helmet. Problem is if you go rare you will have a harder time finding a good BV helm enchant.

BV duration enchant was like 6 ex cheaper than Starkonja's, also life is equal to Starkonjas with good jewels, and can get flat phys or crit multi as well if you are really rich. Losing crit on Starkonjas is fine as we can pick up some extra stats for the third mod on Abyss Jewels. I didn't feel too bad losing two jewel slots, I dropped blood rage and had one extra I wasn't using anyways.

The specialty


This build gets extra damage from converting all Physical damage, 50% from Avatar of Fire is fire, 50% from Hrimsorrow/burn is Cold. 50% of this cold is then converted to fire through Avatar of Fire, and the other 50% of Cold is converted to fire through the skill gem Cold to Fire Support. This lets us focus on both elements and scale them like crazy with multiple damage bonus nodes.

Avatar of fire normally does not shock, however with this item we can:

Now our fire damage can shock, and therefore proliferates the shock to all enemies with the Elementalist Beacon of Ruin node. This enables Inpulsa for this build.

The one downside I noted was that we cannot pop enemies with shatter, therefore the herald of ice will not pop. We still use it for the cold damage to spells, which adds a chunk of damage to the build.

Back to gems, the other main difference in this build is that Combustion support, with its more fire damage and -fire resists is very beneficial, along with Fire Penetration Support. Note, Hypothermia is off the table as we aren't chilling anything.

For boss killing, namely Uber Elder, consider dropping your boots and using Kaom's Roots. It makes it hard balancing enough resists but it is well worth it to stay alive in that fight. I always considered getting enough resists to fit in Kaom's Roots once you start min/maxing gear.



Armor - Tabula, can get cheap +level to gems now at this point in the league too

Zeel's Amplifier - can work until you get a rare shield, has good aoe bonuses life, spell damage, and is cheap

Passive Tree

Poe Planner

First 50 pts - www.poeurl.com/b0tE (get dex nodes, and skill duration first)

Level 65 - www.poeurl.com/b0tD
Level 80 - www.poeurl.com/b0tC
Level 95 - www.poeurl.com/b0tB

Path of Building

Level 80 - https://pastebin.com/p4jxNYsQ
Level 95 - https://pastebin.com/dkA0ZMrD
Level 96 - https://pastebin.com/Fxs0DaXt - 4.87 Million DPS + whatever shock (imperfect gems)

Updated Level 96 3.4 with more survive-ability https://pastebin.com/a2VZrDhN

Alira - Elemental resists are hard to come by and crit multi is essential, mana regen is a huge bonus as well

Wind up 4 stacks, then dive in with brightbeak shield charge. After every/every other pack cast once then dive into the next pack.


Major God
I like Soul of Solaris for the physical damage and crit damage reductions. Arguably Arakali could be good with immortal call/blood rage setup, or soul of Brine King for stunlock prevention.

Minor God
Soul of Ryslatha is my preference, fills up our health potion which is needed in lab and boss fights if we run low on charges

Build update log

August 18/19, 2018 - Updated with MoM version, added video of t16 hydra map
July 25, 2018 - Updated with comparisons to other BV builds
July 19, 2018 - updated with additional videos, path of building optimizations, and gear section
July 10, 2018 - posted first draft

My Other Build(s)

[3.3] Elemental Hurricane - Voidforge Cyclone Raider | +348% ms | 690k Shaper
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hi this item useless
bombinside wrote:
hi this item useless

For this build? Yes, other builds no..

You need yoke of suffering to shock with fire, it's pretty essential to work with impulsa and with elementalist ascendency.
do we need a lvl 4 enlighten or a lvl 3 can do the job? thanks
Catizane wrote:
do we need a lvl 4 enlighten or a lvl 3 can do the job? thanks

after cruel lab, i use 2 herald and hatred with enlighten lvl 3 and have mana 2 stack 9 blades, my lvl 53
How much more single target dps is this compared to triple herald?
Urkel wrote:
How much more single target dps is this compared to triple herald?

Based on my setup, about 700,000 more using brightbeak, and about 1.5million+ more using stat sticks. Comparing both builds using the same stat sticks I'd be around 1.7 mil shaper dps with Tri herald, with this setup I'd be 3 mil. This is all not including shock, which at minimum is 20% more to both numbers.

I've been toying with the tri-herald build but with phase acro, definitely is tankier than this build but way way less damage. This build with fire should be able to brute force your way through any boss fight due to the dps alone.


Was playing around in path of building, adding in some upgrades (watcher's eye crit, lightpoacher, conc effect, corrupted inpulsa with +2 duration gems)

Update gives 5mil shaper before shock, which adds about 1.3mil dps (based on shock base 20% and inpulsa increased effectiveness). Total dps 6.3mil with about 10-15 ex more in gear (assume sell inpulsa to get corrupted version)


Might respec back to see how fast it takes down endgame.
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Catizane wrote:
do we need a lvl 4 enlighten or a lvl 3 can do the job? thanks

The other guy was right, but also wanted to chime in that enlighten 4 is just a luxury not a requirement.
Update - I think running herald of thunder might be better than herald of ice. Ice gives approx 100k more damage on the upper end, but thunder seems to be a bit better for clear since it procs (we still shock) but ice doesn't pop since we don't freeze. Thunder seems to trigger inpulsa chains once the shock proliferation had already spread.
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I think this Stat Stick is a GG item for end game gear

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