[3.3]🔥Guardian LF RF ⬛ 19k ES🔥(video guide)[3.3]

Welcome! This is a very detailed build guide that will allow you to complete ANY and ALL contents of the game with minimal efforts and average gear. Very cheap to gear and get it started and very good scaling to late game. Thank you for your time and enjoy!

Special thanks to Bax_CD for inspiring this build guide. He is the RF expert and has played many variations of RF builds in the past. You are welcome check out his stream and ask questions whenever you like. https://www.twitch.tv/bax_cd.

Guardian of the Phoenix

Full video pending...

Guardian of the Minotaur

Guardian of the Chimera

Full video pending...

-High damage
-super tanky
-high regen
-19k energy shield
-can do all content
-minor micro managing
-cant do reduced max res maps
-cant do no regen and less recovery mods
The entire build almost revolves around this one watchers eye jewel. However, You can can still achieve very high ES without the jewel.

Gain #% of maximum mana as extra energy shield while affected by clarity is the most important line.
If you want to spend more currency you can get ES recovery rate while affected by discipline.

PASTEBIN fully optimized
"All the items put into this build are possible to acquire on a temp league. I put all them crafted with tier 2 rolls just to show whats the priority stats on each rare item, but you could still get different rare rings mods etc, and still get a large pool like 18-19k ES at lvl 100 easily. I chose to use life gain on hit on shield charge so I can also use Vaal RF and have a boost of more than 1M+ DOT Dps, and after 1 shield charge be able to turn my RF again. If you prefer you could use other setup with Vaal Lightning trap instead and would also get a good effect for your build"-Bax_CD.

KILL ALL for 2 passive points

Major: Soul of Arakaali
Minor: Soul of Tukohama


Mind you these stats are with average gear.

Normal lab: Time of need
Cruel lab: Radiant faith
Merciless lab: Unwavering faith
Uber lab: Bastion of hope



DO NOT GET ANY "added fire dmg" of any kind as we are using Elemental Equilibrium.

The perfect weapon. It gives tons of strength and damage scaling from strength. Let us not forget iron will which makes Scorching ray a 4 link and adds more damage.
Remember that the flat strength and mana this sceptre provides synergies well with shaper's touch and gives us more ES.


Self explanatory as chaos damage cannot bypass energy shield which is perfect since you are low life. This also gives lightning res and energy shield. A 6 link is not required but will greatly increase damage.


This is a great shield because it reduces reservation on life, tons of all resistances and dex for gem leveling. +2 to socketed aura gems is really great for a level 21 purity of fire and the other auras in general.


The perfect helmet for this build as it gives +200 flat mana which is great for our energy shield scaling. In addition, you get SO MUCH armor from this helmet since you are scaling mana and reserved mana becomes bonus armor.


Awesome synergy with strength scaling as it gives flat mana and %ES. Some decent corruption on the gloves are %ES or +#socketed gems.


Gives all stats which levitates some thirst for dex and most importantly tons of chaos resistance, cannot be stunned and energy shield based on life even though we don't scale life, still something right?
However that amulet is a bit expensive so fear not there is an alternative...

Shaper's seed gives decent life regen which is translated into energy shield regen from skill tree and some good strength and intelligence stats.


For boots you simply want movement speed, intelligence and whatever resistance u need.
Stat priority...
-movement speed
-flat mana
and of course you want these stats to be as high as possible


A shaped belt is highly recommended as it can roll the energy shield regen mod. This stat is so powerful that you almost don't need any other stats on the belt. However, if you have spare currency get strength, intelligence and resistances if you need.


This is where the bulk of your energy shield comes in. You do not need too much resistances on rings since you will be running all the resistance auras. Therefore, the stats can be spread to something more useful.
Stats to look for...
-flat mana
-flat energy shield
Try to get atleast 30 str and int and 50 mana and ES.
luxury stats if you can afford...
-%max energy shield
-life regen


Basically acts as a life flask since we are ES based and can't actually use a life flask

Any Rumi's is really good because it makes you tankier. You can always swap this slot for an extra ruby flask or even a basalt flask.

simply to move around and having adrenaline mod is great.

Very cheap and boosts your damage by a lot. Also blinds enemies in smoke so it is great all around.

Tons of regeneration and 40% damage boost.


Ignore gem level in this section and max all gem with the exception of clarity.

swap inc. aoe with concentrated effect for bosses

This is taken from the Wiki and explains the use of arcane surge and swift affliction

You can use Vaal RF but since we are LF it leaves you with 1 life after which you cannot activate RF. Because of this you will need some sort of life gain on hit with shield charge to use RF.

WEAPON (sceptre)

Since the sceptre has iron will Scorching ray is essentially a 4 link.


Note that the unique shield for this build has blood magic so these three auras will take up life ***take off determination for Hall of the Grandmaster map as the slayers can culling strike you***
Level 21 Purity of Fire is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED since the shield gives +2 to socketed gems and lvl 23 POF will give 1 extra fire res, but this is not required.


A level 3 Enlighten is required as all three auras take up more than 100% of your mana but this should relatively cheap.


This is your movement skill. The 4th link can be changed based on preference, I use Stone Golem for regen.
You can use Enduring Cry or Decoy Totem.



Orb of storm is used to proc Elemental overlord and Elemental Equilibrium. You must have Clarity on the boots for the watchers eye and since there is no other space.
*Make sure you level clarity to a certain point where u can still use skills and summon golem.
You can also have any of the following gems as the third link but I just prefer portal for mapping...

In addition, curse on hit with flammability is another huge boost in damage.


24 points
http://poeurl.com/bZ1S<PASSIVE TREE
Start with freeze pulse or frostbolt to level with. Place frostbolt with spell totem and leveling becomes a breeze.

Springleaf and Tabula are great starting gear.
You will want to level as a righteous fire totem at the beginning so pick up spell totem from act 1 and link it with RF

Level 49
http://poeurl.com/bZ1Y<PASSIVE TREE
At this point you should pick up soul mantle armor (atleast 4 link)

and use RF with burning damage, elemental focus and inc. aoe/conc. effect since soul mantle already gives you a spell totem.
You will also be able to use Purity of fire and Vitality now to sustain your totems.
In addition you can upgrade your Springleaf to a The Oak Plank Kite Shield and use 2 Kikazaru.

https://pastebin.com/qRET0uQv Pastebin included for other unique gears and details.
To proc EE with totems you will have to use a trap OR you can completely ignore EE on the tree until you start using RF.

Level 62
http://poeurl.com/bZ13<PASSIVE TREE
At this point your unique gear pretty much stays the same and just pick up some rings with life and resistances. Get some rare boots with movement speed, life and resistance. Additionally, try to complete MERCILESS lab as it will give you a huge boost in damage and defense as well as survivability.
Make sure you pick up a Spire of Stone jewel and place it near the Totemic Mastery jewel socket.

https://pastebin.com/thhDzp96 Another pastebin.

Level 80
http://poeurl.com/bZ2a<PASSIVE TREE
At around level 80 you want to transition into low life righteous fire because now you can get most of the ES scaling gear.
You want to use Rise of the Phoenix shield, 5l Solaris Lorica and The Dark Seer sceptre and these should be very cheap to acquire.

It is also important that you use 3 Healthy Mind jewels
near the life nodes on the tree. Check pastebin for details https://pastebin.com/Q8iGPR8M. In addition, use 3 Grand Spectrum jewel which will give you tons of flat mana.

Level 92
http://poeurl.com/b0a0<PASSIVE TREE
This is the optimal position you want to be in without all the "GG" gear. This build utilizes a +2 unset ring where you will place a level 21 Purity of Fire for a total of +5% maximum fire resistance. Of course you will also want to upgrade your rare gear along the way, scaling energy shield and mana. You may even be able to transition into late game gear(in gear section) earlier depending on your rare gear and currency.
Consult with the pastebin for more gear details>https://pastebin.com/kXxnLaTS

Path of Building for pastebins:https://github.com/Openarl/PathOfBuilding
POE filter:https://www.filterblade.xyz/
Vorici Chromatic Calculator:https://siveran.github.io/calc.html
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Very nice build! I've seen it in action and I think the claims made by creator hold true. Nice DPS and extremely tanky.
Nice Build didn´t die once leveling.

It is even idiot/lag proof. Just dont stand in shaper bullethell phase :).

Visit this guy on https://www.twitch.tv/bax_cd .
I'm a bit confused about how swift affliction applies to RF in your gem links. RF doesn't have a duration tag, and doesn't hit enemies, and I don't see Arcane Surge in your links, either in the gem links section, or in your pastebin.
would like to try this out, how fast is the shield charge? would like to move fast
was wondering getting a "Socketed Gems have x attack and cast speed" gloved with increased attack speed gloves, but idk how much ES we would lose.

and vaal RF no good here?
Last edited by PUNSHET2 on Jul 3, 2018, 8:30:06 AM
spell dmg doesnt affect rf, but you take pain attunement, 1 additional point for whatever
also i wonder about swift affliction and arcane surge

however i like the idea of converting mana into ES

btw. you have more dps using doryanis while under 800 strenght
Last edited by schubbey on Jul 3, 2018, 8:45:29 AM
would like to try this out, how fast is the shield charge? would like to move fast
was wondering getting a "Socketed Gems have x attack and cast speed" gloved with increased attack speed gloves, but idk how much ES we would lose.

you would lose alot of es when swapping out gloves.

you can try using brightbeak and or swiching determination for haste, which I personally did when I played it... however you lose some survivability

I'm a bit confused about how swift affliction applies to RF in your gem links. RF doesn't have a duration tag, and doesn't hit enemies, and I don't see Arcane Surge in your links, either in the gem links section, or in your pastebin.

arcane surge makes rf having a duration tag so you can use swift affliction

the links are actually wrong doe should be rf, ele focus, arcane surge, swift affliction, conc effect, burning damage

correct me if im wrong

-New Defense tab added along with shield charge stats.
-Gem link updated and RF explained in the "gem setup" tab.
-Gear updated (yes I finally bought new gear).

Feel free to ask questions and post concern. I will update the guide on a regular basis.
haste sounds good thanks
can't sustain rf on my char "AverageSkilledPlayer"

any advice?
Explosive Cleave Gladiator by supreme_pizza

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