[3.14]Fire&Flamethrower Traps Saboteur/Strongest Combo in the Game/League starter+Boss farmer

My second essence craft, good enough?
The new flamethrower trap build is awesome but it's quite hard to cap resists and get a decent amount of hp without a quiver and rare armour. Maybe harvest crafting in the next patch will make it easier.
It seems this build will be super good for multiple bosses fights in the next expansion.
So Ascendancy changes are finally out:

we lost "8% reduced Area Damage taken from Hits" from Explosives Expert, an unpleasant defence nerf but not critical.
Pyromaniac now regens 2% life instead of 1% which is nice.
AoE from Explosives Expert moved to Chain Reaction so it stays the same.
Lost 30% damage from Chain Reaction but gained 2% damage per trap from Perfect Crime plus +10% crit multiplier from Explosives Expert so we're fine.
10% cooldown moved from Perfect Crime to Chain Reaction plus we get 25% more, very nice buff for flamethrower traps!

Everything seems fine, if I understood it correctly.
Sweet build guide, I will for sure league start this. Will you update it tomorrow with the changes from patch notes if there is something notable or will you be waiting for league starts?
Other than Void Batteries, are there any other sources of increased cast speed in the build?
Yeah i'm wondering too if the Slavedriver's hand is actually more harm than good. I suppose it has that 10% chance for charges?
ripulipylly wrote:
Yeah i'm wondering too if the Slavedriver's hand is actually more harm than good. I suppose it has that 10% chance for charges?

Slavedrivers are just to get bloodmagic on traps. Most of the damage is from flamethrower trap, so throw speed not so important.
If you dropped them you would need to lose an aura, and run a mana flask. Eldritch battery might be an option too.
Thinking of running something similar, one query, how important is the skill effect duration.
Doesn't at first glance seem to be that worthwhile, and if you skip it you can avoid that whole section of the tree for more damage over in Templar or some more life/QoL stuff.
Damn seems good build and i'd like to play it but looks so squishy :( is there any tanky version of it that still does decent dps ?

By the way on video guide where you explain bow options you making mistake, because u use flamethrower in weapon but u forget to disable buffs that are in wands, if you dont disable them POB still count that for dps even if u actually using bow+kaom. Also bow and kaom seems super starved in gem slots because u lose most of the buff options, and it seems that buffs are the main thing that gives that big burst dmg. This comment is for 3.12 video.

In any case i tweaked it a little bit and i'll give it a go as 3.13 starter
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