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3.3.1 also contains a variety of bug fixes and small changes, including a performance improvement of around 5-10% that mostly helps DirectX 9 users or players with slow graphics cards.

As an avid potato user, this excites me.
PvP fix! Finaly! Thank you GGG!
The Holy Bible

we are working on things. we will tell you what they are when they release.
3.3.2 hype train.
Keep up the great work!
I love PvP and want PvP to be successful in this game. I already enjoy it now and am and have been in PvP guild. Would love to see tournaments but even just a more popular PvP scene would make this game even better for me.

I love this game so much that even as competitive PvP type gamer I have sunk many hours in this game and will continue to. But the game with an exciting popular PvP will make even more money and keep people like me here and coming back for a long time to come. Thanks for one of the best games in the world maybe the best. You guys did great.
Thank you for grouping infos like that, probably the best way to share upcoming plans :)
Hf :)
Could you return the unique items from the bestiary?
[Removed by Support]
August One-month Event

Please make something crazy even as void.
In order to get rid of clearspeed meta cap global movement speed at 100% but make all skills instant so everything feels great.
Kinda unfortunate that they're gonna end up killing the dot cold snap builds. 25% more damage is not gonna salvage the only redeeming grace cold snap has.

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