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Exilecon sounds very intressting =). I hope you making new Acts =)

i am so glad that i helped GGG in the first years with my silversupport see what this game have become! The best Arpg hack slash game on market!
I am veteran i have follow Poe sense November 2010.
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Every "improvement" you advertise makes the game bit by bit unplayable. It is unaceptable that you advertise improvements and instances crash more and more with each patch. Servers are shit and all you do is say "we'll look into it".

I had better performance on a regular hdd and an ati 420 than on the ssd and a r9. Upgrading my computer made the game experience shittier. Maybe it's time you stop blaming users for the awful experience you're providing.

Meanwhile your weekend sales last for 4 fucking days (monday evening is not weekend anymore).

Keep begging for money. More and more people will see through your bullshit.
mhmakelvin wrote:
Is cold snap intended to be a skill generating frenzy charge for melee characters?

Even with area overlapping now, the damage is far behind from arc and BV. I can't see any reason to nerf cold snap even further unless you guys want cold snap become a complete trash skill which no one uses in the future just like vortex.

This, I'm a 91 Coldsnap char, I went from being endgame viable but still doing much less damage then BV and Arc too, struggling against T15+ bosses. This nerf is just ridiculous. Finally can use something other than meta, nope lets nerf it so we force everyone to play the skills with new mtx.
Not sure if just me.

But in party play, i dont see my teams TPs update the location.
If they "up a new TP in a new location" the "TP in town" shows the old location name.
Will GGG ever add a chat box and guilds to xbox lol?
I am already so hyped for 4.0 and its still over 1 year away FeelsBadMan

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