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Glad to see Botter Ban Wave.
I like the sound of this!
Could you give once a one-month event, where we can use the already existing characters, instead of creating a new one? It would be really cool. Keep up the good work.
IS it not better to TRY TO FIX current issues and bugs rather than introducing new stuff on top of the things that are already broken? I don't mind you getting new content out, but doing it when "current content" is only in "beta state" sounds you don't give a damn about whats going on now, but rather:"Just give them new stuff so they don't think about problems we have today". Thanks for your time but supporting your company seems a waste of money in last year. You are getting mtx out and there are bugs that are here since start of the league. Not like you didn't have time to fix them! Bug report forum is the first place to look i presume.
Can you make the temple have 2 fewer rooms (so 9 rooms instead of 11) OR give us the option to skip incursions?
Could you please fix the "Use these Devices" challenge? It's unreasonably hard at the moment because it's gated behind 2 layers of RNG, it's the hardest challenge and it's not fun at all.
4.0 ? I'cant wait!
nice! I'd like to see some SSF love too... a new SSF-only mechanic to improve currencies and maps conversion beyond level 65+ or something... :praise intensifies:
I am warning again.

1. I really do NOT care about "leagues".
2. STANDARD is everything meanful but it is close to dead now.
3. Currently there is practically not more than 30, maybe 40 viable builds. 90% of the skill relations is dead.
4. The forum went silent.
5. 50% of the skill tree is a dead.
6. ES is dead.
7. CI is dead.
8. Most of the clean casting spell skills is dead or nerfed below unplayable skills.
9. None will come just to "test" builds now. The viable builds is outrageous expensive and complete NO fun to play.
10. Adding new skills and nerfing the old to force peoples to "try" the new ones is a junk strategy. Don't play us with it anymore. It is a grave digging strategy now.
11. Living with the fear that the next "league" will bring a complete destruction of your build on which you spend more than 500$ in the form of time and resources is a disaster which one day will erase this game.

You got my 2 cents.
These childish strategies for sucking money is going off hands now. STOP IT BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE.
Last edited by Yordan on Jul 1, 2018, 6:33:28 PM
all of this sounds epic, especially the party improvements!

but when will we see improvements for guilds??

ctrl + click in guild stash
move guild pages like normal stash pages
so much more potential

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