Any kind soul that can post the updated PoB link as a poeplanner or website version? I play on console and don't have a pc right now. The mobile version of PoB isn't updated so I can't view the tree.

I'd also love to know the suggested links for Freezing pulse. I've played a variant of this build in the past so I can figure the rest out, I just want to see the current tree and main links.

Thanks in advance!
seems good im going to try it
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Should I still take Mind Over Matter node if using 6L Loreweave chest armor?
Can i just ask one question if i follow the skills the pob the tree this is fully made no updating no new items this is final build cause i noticed void batterys are cheap and i can actually make it just need to know its all done and dusted
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Why Energy leech over Cold penetration? thanks.
Is the guy who made this build still Alive? only he hasnt replied to any comments not very happy with the service in this post :(
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Do you mind posting a video of the build in post-nerf gear while doing Legion content? I'm curious how you survive T15/T16 Templar/Maraketh damage when they can hit you off-screen for double your health pool and outside of the range of Aspect of the Spider

I'm also curious if you could post a non-level 100 version of your build to see what skill nodes you decide to skip out on. I tried removing your jewels but lost significant damage. Removing the auras removes your option to use the current auras, also dropping significant damage.

Another question: Do you have any plans to include any defensive tools? You have absolutely no form of defense if anything hits you and since your build is not hitting everything on the screen via projectiles or aoe (TS or Cyclone), you are likely to be hit for significant damage and there is no IC/Steelskin/Molten Shell included.

Thanks and great job on 20/40!
Warlord's Mark on hit in the rings still working with spell hits?
hm i dont get why you use eldritch battery with arcane surge on frost bomb, is your pob updated?
AdonFPS wrote:
hm i dont get why you use eldritch battery with arcane surge on frost bomb, is your pob updated?

EB for having a greater mana pool and using energy leech with EB makes you basically leech mana with a really nice damage bonus. Arcane surge on frost bomb cuz it gives the buff almost like a fake 7 link.
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