[3.3] EZ GG Build. Shackles Wander. 63 sec HH Buffs

xiongjipeng wrote:
thanks for your reply guys.
excuse me , why do we need 2 of inspired leaning when we have HH. since i found that if we use 1 inspired leaning with HH,we can get 2 HHbuffs when we kill a rare. but the same 2 HHbuffs if we use 2 inspired leaning with HH.

i asked about this on baked's twitch he and others confirmed you will potentially get one from each inspired learning, the visual is just one from hh one from inspired.
Havoc616 used 2 Inspired Learnings in Hardcore Flashback Race Build. If Havoc thinks using 2 Inspired Learning is worth it in Hardcore, then they are probably worth using in this build because they have more than triple effectiveness.
You can pick any Templar, Witch, Shadow, Ranger, Scion Ascendancy. I chose Occultist for the 25% curse effect and can curse Hexproof so I can run Hexproof maps.

40 tree + 25 Occultist + 30 Helm + 11.5 Curse on Hit 23% + 4 Jewel = 110.5
110.5 - 40 = 70.5

40 * 1.705 = 68.2 % slower

Enhance does not affect the self slowing of effects. Temp Chains has a flat 40% "Other effects on cursed enemies expire 40% slower" which can only be scaled through curse effect.
I am liking what I'm seeing, just have one question:

What happens if you inherit a hexproof rare through HH? Do you go into normal countdown speed for the next 20 secs?
How would you feel about Despair curse corruption on the gloves? Zerphis seems like the only added chaos damage
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great build, i wonder if you can crash WINE with this

Member wen 76 Crema boss was the most exhilarating fight in da gayme?
This is ridiculous. Too bad its a lagfest and seems to make playing it too annoying :(
would vunerability or enfeeble on hit be ok if you have the watchers eye that makes you immune to enfeeble?
Can anybody please teach me how to play a scion (pathfinder+inquisitor) version of this build? with KB or tonador shot.

please forgive me my bad english

now i play scion with kb, the boss firght is so hard even if it is just t10
tie23he wrote:

40 tree + 25 Occultist + 30 Helm + 11.5 Curse on Hit 23% + 4 Jewel = 110.5
110.5 - 40 = 70.5

40 * 1.705 = 68.2 % slower


how is 68.2% slower 318% multiplier to duration? i dont understand :(

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