[3.5] SWOLE Blaze Vortex | RF BV Chieftain | 9K life | 3.5M Shaper DPS | Uber Elder down

Anyone give this build a go in deep delves? Looking into this build as I would like to progress past depth 300 or so.
Ellipsist wrote:
Hey, could you post an updated leveling guide for 3.5 since Sunder’s viability as a leveling skill has gone down with the change to stat sticking?

Sunder will be pretty much always viable as a lvling skill. It's sort of when you run out of ideas on how to lvl till you get some currency for your gear, or don't like bv in early game. Unless they completely castrate sunder, it will be viable in 3.6-3.7...etc.

You can use a ton of other options to lvl, I gave an easy and pretty lazy example, you can lvl with bv, or with rf from like lvl 20+(given that you have the right gear). Or cast while channeling scorching ray, or many others.

This isn't about doing red maps and shaper with sunder, it's leveling with it, till you get powerful enough and get some currency to go with the main build. You can even get a few points from the passive tree to make sunder a bit stronger, and then you respec when you switch. I haven't done this char in 3.5, but next league I might give it a go again, and I bet that sunder will be just as good for leveling as it was in the past.
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