[3.2] HoWAbout Occultist. Shaper/Uber Elder, Minotaur flaskless on 1L!!

Molten Strike
Now deals 120% of base damage at gem level 1, and 161% of base damage (up from 147%) at gem level 20.
Projectiles deal 40% less damage at gem level 1, and 30% less damage (from 40%) at gem level 20.
This is a buff right ;)
So, we have -4 projectiles: -1 projectile on helmet, -1 projectile from Eternal Labyrinth and -2 projectiles from Wildfire jewel
Is this build actual for 3.5?
looks like its been nerfed alot yeah
How it about starter ?
I am starting with this build. The nerf isn't that awful from a damage perspective. Sure, it is -10 to -15%, but you have to keep in mind that MS had really good damage. All in all it's still one of the best builds.

I do wonder about the life leech though. By not having to spec into the second Wildfire, those free point could be rearranged to compensate.
Why not use here chanse to shock ? As here most lightning damage.
Shock will boost damage alot. And with 15% chance it be always shocke target.
Coz many magma ball.
From budget version. Something like this https://pastebin.com/PMxDyhAv will be.
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Is this build actually for 3.5? Can you post pastbin?
When need to spec to ES?
guess i have to roll that as next char right?

IGN: Maphan_Meep
What happened to the skill tree?

I need it,because my reset so i wanna put the skill points back,can you update it?
Why isn't wildfire activate since it's already 40 str in radius? Jewel slot near Scion

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