[3.3] CI Caustic Arrow by Paige | SC/HC | Immortal | Guardians/Shaper/Uber | AFK Uber Labs | T17+

8-9k es
Tri curses
At least 95%faster es recharge (205% with the legacy quiver and a watcher’s eye = 0.5sec until your es start to recharge)

U can’t die with this build.

how did you get tri curses? and which curses are you using?
does despair gem have to be level 21 for it to override witchfire brew? I want to use despair gem for the added curse effectiveness but 21/20 despair is so expensive :/
Is sth like this worthwhile in 3.5?


Is Withering Presence > Profane Bloom?

I can hardly think of a build that can get the same nodes while going life thus being able to ignore Vile Bastion.

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