[3.3] Elementalist Explosive Arrow (BM/EE/EO) [SC]


With the changes to ignite and related passives in the tree I wanted to see if Explosive Arrow is viable for mapping and possibly boss killing

This build is a work in progress and is subject to change in the future. Please apply criticism constructively and use this thread as a platform for bringing suggestions and improvements to the build

Relevant 3.3.0 changes
- Ignite now deals 50% of the igniting hit's damage per second over 4 seconds (up from 40% per second).

- The Elementalist's Beacon of Ruin now proliferates elemental ailments in a radius of 18 (up from 12). It no longer grants 20% increased effect of non-damaging ailments, and instead grants 20% more damage with ignite.

- Heart of Flame (near the Witch) now causes damage to penetrate 6% fire resistance (up from 3%). The passives leading to it now grant a total of 57% increased fire damage (up from 46%).

- Breath of Flames (right next to Heart of Flame) now grants 20% increased ignite duration (up from 10%), 20% increased burning damage (down from 30%), 20% chance to ignite (up from 5%) and 20% increased fire damage (up from not giving any at all). The three passives leading to it now give a total of 20% increased burning damage (down from 40%), and 30% increased fire damage (previously none).

- Holy Fire (between the Witch and Templar) now grants 40% increased burning damage (down from 60%), 20% increased fire damage (previously none), and 15% chance to ignite (previously none). The passives leading to it which previously granted 20% increased burning damage now grant 12% increased burning damage and 8% increased fire damage. The passive next to Holy Fire which grants 5% chance to ignite now also grants 8% increased fire damage.

HC/SSF viability
Possibly. The build is fairly tanky at it's peak and if leveled with caution can ascend into maps quite safely. For SSF, a 6-link Quill Rain can be chanced through The Porcupine divination card with a bit of luck

Build Concept
- Explosive Arrow with Quill rain going the Blood Magic route for a big HP pool and access to duelist passives. Elementalist is the preferred class due to changes stated above

- Self-ignite through Eye of Innocence and Mokou's Embrace gives both leech, damage and attack speed

- Enough crit and accuracy to have consistent chance to hit and good Elemental Overload uptime

- Added cold/lightning damage somewhere on gear to make use of Elemental Equilibrium

- Two curses in a CoH-setup using Windshriek boots

Passive tree (level 96)

- Bandits: 2 Passive points

- Ascendancy order: Beacon -> Liege -> Paragon



- Devoto's for movement speed, attack speed and much needed dexterity. Chaos resistance is a plus and useful for Incursion league.

- Starkonja is another alternative, also gives good dex and attack speed. Also crit which helps with Elemental Overload-procing.

Whatever you choose you'll want 40% explosive arrow damage enchant.


- Kaom's is a nobrainer for this build, tons of flat life and fire damage. Use whatrever rare chest you have until you can afford a Kaom's.


- Quill Rain is the classic weapon for Explosive Arrow. Quite cheap this league compared to other 6-links.
- Quiver prioritizing WED, acc, life/res. Also a good spot to get cold/light dmg for Elemental Overload. Preferably on a base with global crit


- Rare gloves proritizing life/res, acc, attack speed.


- Windshriek is used for an additional curse. Also gives decent movespeed, ele damage and res. Enchant: 2% life regen if hit recently


- Rare belt with hp/res/WED. Base either leather belt or Stygian Vise


- Eye of Innocence and Mokou's Embrace are working in tandem, keeping us ignited for tons of attackspeed and ele dmg leech. Mokou's also gives some nice resists
- Opal ring in 2nd ring slot prioritizing WED, acc, life, res. Luxury here is an opal with WED, fire dmg% and attackspeed.


- I'm using Atziri's Promise for some chaos res, extra damage and leech, but you can opt to use Wise Oak. The rest is standard flasks. Silver flask for more movespeed and attackspeed.


In order of importance:
- %life
- Burning damage%
- Fire damage%
- Damage over time%
- Attack speed with bows
- Attack speed

Gem links

- 4L: [Fire golem, Ice Golem, Blind] [Blink Arrow]

- 4L: [COH, Ele Weakness, Flammability, Shrapnel Shot/Rain of Arrows (dangerous if you are running Eye of Innocence due to self ignite)]

- 4L: [CWDT, Immortal Call] [Blood Rage] [Vaal detonate dead]

- 6L: [EA, WED, Burning Damage, Less Duration, Combustion, Deadly Ailments]

Use GMP for mapping and switch to Deadly Ailments on bosses if you are not comfortable with a single arrow, but you will lose ~200 000+ ignite DPS
Also noteworthy is that a lvl 21 EA gives something like 70 000 ignite DPS compared to a lvl 20


1) Use shrapnel shot/ROA to curse enemies
2) Fire EA until 5 stacks
3) This should usually kill the pack, but for tougher rares/bosses, fire shrapnel shot again to proc EE
4) Repeat

I leveled with Firestorm until Siosa where i switch to EA. Had to pick up some extra +30 dex in the passive tree until I could equip Devoto/Reached duelist area.

No videos for now, as my computer is pretty crappy. Can try to record if there is interest. Will also expand the thread with guide for which order to take the passives in later.

Ingame: ReExist
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Uber Elder viable? and can you share pob?
Last edited by rsrx14 on Jun 20, 2018, 1:25:34 PM
rsrx14 wrote:
Uber Elder viable? and can you share pob?

POB: https://pastebin.com/mhWQayjQ

Havent tried uber elder yet, but normal shaper went down easy and can map comfortably in any tier.
Probably gonna try uber sometime this week!
Ingame: ReExist
Having a blast leveling with this build. I'm wondering if you think moku's and eye of innocence are needed? I think I'll just grab something like
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SassyBeard wrote:
Having a blast leveling with this build. I'm wondering if you think moku's and eye of innocence are needed? I think I'll just grab something like

They are not needed, mostly used for the leech and the big damage boost they give for a very cheap price. But rares work too, and the endgoal is to run rares anyway.

Glad you like it, I hope to improve the thread a bit in the near future.
Ingame: ReExist
Hello there,

I have a question regarding the Quill Rain sockets. What should I remove if I only have a 5L?

Wanted to try out this build because not many EA builds are updated for Incursion. But I don't want to spend too much currency on it.
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Hey there. :)

Can this build be played in SSF? I do not have access to Kaom's for example.
Ultimate SSF ED Guide: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2606026/page/1
My Twitch: https://twitch.tv/artcrusader
Take a look at my version of the build -shaper/uber atziri and uber elder viable

Enjoying this build allot! Just for information's sake, it's also easy to level this as a bow build from the start. Ice Shot and Blast Rain made leveling EZ mode until I swapped to EA. use the usual Bow build gear and items. No need to use other spells/wands unless you really want to. also used an Anima Stone while leveling...3 golems makes for some crazy damage with Elementalist and a Bow.
ArtCrusade wrote:
Hey there. :)

Can this build be played in SSF? I do not have access to Kaom's for example.

OP hasn't replied to this yet, but I would believe that it would be tough to run this in SSF. It relies pretty heavily on a few specific items that are hard to find/Gear up for. a 5 link Quillrain isn't hard to get, but you lose a pretty hefty amount of damage with just 5 links. Kaom's is pretty important as you are running blood magic and need the extra health. windscream for the dual curse setup is also another big one.

You could probably get by with rares in those areas, or perhaps a Belly for your chest, but at the same time there are probably a half dozen other builds out there that can run SSF far easier with less gear requirements.

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