[3.3] Elementalist Explosive Arrow (BM/EE/EO) [SC]

Temjiu wrote:
ArtCrusade wrote:
Hey there. :)

Can this build be played in SSF? I do not have access to Kaom's for example.

OP hasn't replied to this yet, but I would believe that it would be tough to run this in SSF. It relies pretty heavily on a few specific items that are hard to find/Gear up for. a 5 link Quillrain isn't hard to get, but you lose a pretty hefty amount of damage with just 5 links. Kaom's is pretty important as you are running blood magic and need the extra health. windscream for the dual curse setup is also another big one.

You could probably get by with rares in those areas, or perhaps a Belly for your chest, but at the same time there are probably a half dozen other builds out there that can run SSF far easier with less gear requirements.

Pretty much played entire season in SSF and by now I have all the required gear. If I feel bored I'll actually build this character. Thanks for the reminder. :-)
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can someone explain why does this build use bm?
DuckLife wrote:
can someone explain why does this build use bm?

explosive arrow mana cost is so high, you would need ridiculous investment to somehow get enough mana regen

also explosive arrow doesnt really need auras so you arent reserving anything anyway (except herald of ash in that zero reservation ring maybe)

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