{3.4} Hit and run Explosive arrow elementalist ALL CONTENT!

I will not update this thread until further notice, this buidl is now kinds dead with new quill rain nerf. Going for +3 or +4 bow might be doable but the lack of attack speed prevents you from doing end bosses such as uber elder or uber atziri. it is still possible but really really hard. Hope they buff it in a way or find some solution for this great skill

For 5 years I have been stranded on an island, and now I've come back to the same..Wreaclast, to save it

{update} 3.4 Delve
Nothing changed for us in this build, all the links stay the same. The skill tree now looks even better, we get extra life and a bit more dps

3.4 skill tree {updated}


Summary: This is my all time favourite skill and I wanted to make a decent build that can do all content, finally made it, enjoy..

Since you start as a witch, you can level with any spell that you like, I would recommend leveling with any early game fire spell gem until you can use Detonate dead and volatile dead, if you are lucky to get a poet's pen you will hit maps pretty soon. I would not recommend switching to Explosive arrow until you have at least a 5l quill rain and proliferation from ascendancy.


This item is your main weapon, both for mapping and single target, just weapon swap

best chest for this build since we will go blood magic and quill rain attacks fast

best helm for this build, gives you attack speed, movement speed and chaos resist and most importantly it gives you dexterity

this is you best belt slot, gives you life and duo resist and you will have the feeling that mobs die faster, but this is you choice, you can change it for some rare belt

Other items are rares, just to cap your resists and dexterity that you will need since you are a witch.

My current gear
It does not get better than this, maybe another arrow from a corrupted quiver and a bit more life, but all in all you should end up with 7k life which is ok.

Pros and cons

-fun to play
-fast mapping
-can mf easily
-high life and safe gameplay, most things will die off screen
-high single target dps
-reflect immune

-Life sustain in terms of leech is not as good as some other bow gems
-cannot face tank bosses, you hit and run
-you need some currency to make this build do all content {around 10ex gems 21/20 and empower included}




Gems and links


Elemental equilibrium and 2 curses {Flamability and Elemental weakness}, you can sacrifice life and get 2 curses from tree or just buy an amulet with additional curse which is around 2 3 ex. Make sure that you don't have any flat fire damage because your ele eq will not work properly.
Fire set of arrows then use rain of arrows for curse no hit and to proc ele equil. For bosses, first Rain of arrows then shoot EA then ROA again, this way they will receive a bigger hit and burn for more life

Shaper full fight
Elder T15 full fight
T16 Elder Guardian

Uber Vaals:
Uber Atziri:
Carcass map full run
T15 Elder Guardian full fight

Shaper is done video coming soon, only Uber Elder not done, tried times but since I never tried Uber Elder before I think it is more to my play style, I think I can do it

All in all, explosive arrow is still not strong enough as some other skills and not that cheap but it is really fun to play. I guess that they need to buff the skill in a way, maybe add an enchantment to have 2 extra fuses for single target damage and maybe a fated Quill rain, or an interesting vaal Expplosive arrow, hope that for next patch EA will be given some attention.

Any comments and suggestions are welcome, stay safe exiles...
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thanks! this works far better than other ignite/prolif builds I tried. flameblast, incinerate, burning arrow, pyre/somethingcold, whatever... even with the same old tree and a lvl 16 EA gem.

i'm currently trying with thief's torment, that is, mana gain on hit instead of blood magic. could possibly work, ~50 regrets on hold :-)

what's your suggestion for a 5-link setup?

i'm at either drop elemental damage with attacks or less duration, but that is a bit biased by by BGGRR chest.

I would not recommend thief torment on this setup since mana cost is too high and we end up with less life. If you wanna try with 5L for mapping I would drop burning damage rather than less duration since it is safer, you end up with less damage bu safer game play, and for bosses u can drop deadly ailments and the damage would still be great. If you got any questions feel free to ask. :)
Do you need a 21/20 EA for this build? With level 20 combustion and the chance to ignite from the tree you can achieve 99% with out it. Plus if you get any jewel with chance to ignite on it then you be at 100%. That would make getting a 21/0 EA a lot cheaper.
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You don't need q20 gem in order to ignite everything, this is best gear shown for the build. Lvl 21 gem is desired since flat fire damage from explosion is what scales your burn dps
Bandit ?

kill all bandits, we do not need any
Do you have a pastebin for the skill tree?
Seems like your build's Pastebin has been deleted, would be great if you could post a new one.
Hi, somewhat of a noob here. I don't see any passives or equipment for increasing accuracy or dexterity in general. How does Explosive Arrow hit all the time? Or is it because the attack speed is so high that 65% hit rate is already good enough to apply all 5 fuses quickly?

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