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illyaink wrote:
753924 wrote:
How do you take care of mana? In your build and character I've seen not really anything that gives mana, but I still have to wear my Thief's Torment if I want to always have enough mana for Frenzy.

The higher level Enlighten you have the more mana you have. At 100 I never really run out. Even if you do, auto attacks still trigger the spells so it dosnt matter too much.

But more unreserved mana would only increase the time until you run out and not increase the actual mana regeneration which is the problem. I have 98 unreserved mana and can cast for maybe 5 seconds until it's gone. While autoattacks still proc the poets Frenzy gets extra AS for each frenzy charge, so once I'm out of mana the attack frequenzy varies alot which is kind of irritating.
Not the OP but try mana craft on rings or clarity
Thanks for the build, it is really fun. I was able to kill uber elder with this one, not deathless but I think that is more on me not positioning myself well a few times. For anybody wondering this the gear I used.
How do you have 117 dex for the sin trek req. ??? i didn't pick some dmg nodes on tree so i could use my 21lv VD yet i still don't have 117 dex. I even have dex on my jewel.
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I need your advice

what would change / improve to increase the possibilities of my character ??

here is a link to PoB

Equip some random items that give you dex, equip sin trek boots, unequip those items because sin trek boots now give you dex :)
just wondering if i should replace blood rage with flame dash or charged dash. frenzy charges are not the problem so is the leech
First great build, it´s so fun to play and really powerfull
i killed Shaper, Uber Elder and Chayula all at lvl 87, the only hard fight was UE but still got it done, thank you for that
here is my problem i cant kill Uber Atziri, i had the swap and all but i couldnt do it, i have the feeling that she is still reflecting my damage and i dont know why
help would be great
how are you able to sustain mana? i run out spamming frenzy over and over without any mana pots.
i have level 3 clarity but cant go any higher, is that the issue?
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How can you run purity + herald of ash on blood magic?!?! NVM i see it now the aura nodes on the right
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