[3.6] Death's Oath Trickster - ALL CONTENT | Tanky | Budget | Fast Clear | Lag-Free

MoM - Mind over Matter Skillnode in Passive Skill Tree.

The Enchants are listed in the Build Guide as well as most of your asked Questions ;)
Its all ok, but the only thing I can´t find is the real watcher´s eye afixe, wich one of this is?...

Or one of this:

1 - +(18-22)% to Non-Ailment Chaos Damage over Time Multiplier while affected by Malevolence

2 - +(18-22)% to Cold Damage over Time Multiplier while affected by Malevolence

3 - (15-20)% increased Recovery rate of Life and Energy Shield while affected by Malevolence

4 - (20-30)% increased Skill Effect Duration while affected by Malevolence

5 - Unaffected by Bleeding while affected by Malevolence

6 - Unaffected by Poison while affected by Malevolence

7 - Damaging Ailments you inflict deal Damage (10-15)% faster while affected by Malevolence

Thanks and sorry...
This was a great build, i used during synthesis and have been able to do pretty much all content. Elder and Shaper were too easy. thank you
I tried this as my final synthesis build, and while I didn't invest very much currency into it, the results are great! I was a bit worried about sustaining the aura early, but as it turns out I was regenerating hp the moment I switched over at 68. I also vastly underestimated the single target damage provided by Blight.

Thanks a lot for making an entertaining build!
I'm going to test this build on the incoming Flashback event. Any advice on modernizing for 3.6?
it drive me crazy why no pob link ??
Why not make s chaos innoculstion ES varient?

It literally completely negates the negative DMG from deaths oath and ur immune to chaos damage

This is what I’m doing atm though tbf I was just turned my Paige’s 1 life ESxcausfic arrow trickster intonitnuntiln3.7 so I can reset everything and do this properly

But IMO a chaos inoculation version would be superior might design one
Occultist nerfed, energy shield nerfed. Better stick with trickster.

I saw new passive node from Legion jewel (Divine Flesh) and look really strong with this build without going CI. It will be expensive.

I thinking about leveling with Caustic Arrow.
Really hoping for a 3.7 rework, considering a lot of things have changed in general, and maybe taking bane as an option, and a new skill tree
how good this build in 3.7??? .. also what has changed .. is it buffed or nerfed ..can you update it please ?!... 1st time will try death's oath and i see it's good build

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