[3.3] The New SignalShot - CI Ele Conversion TS/LA/Barrage/Anything

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Please do not message me in-game for questions, put all questions in this thread!

Hey everyone, I'm Eisen here with an updated version of SignalShot for patch 3.3!

The build was originally intended to be used with the skills Barrage and Tornado Shot, but it can be utilized with pretty much any bow skill. I have made some pretty substantial changes to the build to keep it functional, but it still remains to be an Elemental Conversion CI Pathfinder.

Before I begin, please note that this version of the build is most effective in standard league because of the availability of legacy ES gear, +2 barrage helmets, and % energy shield rings. In addition, this is not a budget build and will likely perform poorly if you do not invest a substantial amount of currency.

I plan on expanding this guide to include a life-based and temp-league friendly version of the build in the near future, so stick around!

UPDATE FOR PATCH 3.3: Basically everything stays the same, Barrage received a minor damage nerf (about 20% if you have maxed-out projectile gear, a bit less if you don't), with no other notable changes for the build.


Originally, the build was done purely with Pathfinder, but because of the buffs to both Raider and Deadeye, in addition to the nerf to the Alchemist node on the tree, all three of the Ranger's ascendancy choices are viable options for the build.

I prefer Pathfinder for the build, but I will still be including trees for all three Ascendancies if you decide otherwise.

Here is an in-depth breakdown of what each ascendancy offers:

-Raider if you prefer higher attack speed and tooltip damage.
-Deadeye if you like free chain/pierce/projectiles, in exchange for two flasks slots.
-Pathfinder for the highest movement speed, nearly infinite flasks charges, and close to capped block with a mapping setup.

On paper, Raider has the highest DPS of the three, but because of the ramp-up time for its frenzy charges on bosses, and sub-par movement speed, I find it pretty mediocre overall. Despite this, it is not without its merits. The phasing provided by Quartz Infusion can be quite nice, the free frenzy charge generation gained from Way of the Poacher means you can use the prolif from Herald of Ash while clearing as opposed to Herald of Ice + Poacher's Mark. In addition, the higher attack speed gained will make the build feel smoother to play if you are using a Harbinger Bow.

Deadeye provides a free additional projectile, free chain/pierce, and a pretty substantial chunk of speed/damage from tailwind, but you sacrifice having elemental status immunity. What this means is that you have to drop one of your damage flasks for freeze immunity, and ignite from strongboxes can be pretty dangerous if you get unlucky. It's not a huge loss, but it definitely puts Deadeye down a notch in comparison to other options.

Because of the buff to its passive flask generation (from 1 charge every 3 sec to 1 per second), Pathfinder now has near permanent uptime on its quicksilver flask, and high consistency on all of the other flasks because the build no longer utilizes Vessel of Vinktar. In addition to having the highest movement speed of the three ascendancies, Pathfinder also elemental status effect immunity, a bunch of free damage, much higher max elemental resistances, an, in my opinion, the smoothest gameplay experience overall.

Skill Tree

Kill all bandits for 2 extra skill points

Here are the trees for each ascendancy:
-Pathfinder click here
-Raider click here
-Deadeye click here

If you do not care about QoL, survivability, or movement speed, Scion actually gives the most DPS:
-Scion click here

Alternative Skill Trees
If you can't manage to get your ES total over 5500-6000 with the gear you've got, are playing the build in a temp league, or simply want some more ES in exchange for some damage, these are the trees you will want to use.

-Pathfinder http://poeurl.com/bU9t
-Raider http://poeurl.com/bU9x
-Deadeye http://poeurl.com/bU9B

Make sure that you put an Energy From Within jewel underneath the "Melding" notable on the path down to Scion for all of these trees.

Path of Building Links


For our helmet, we want to get as much energy shield as possible (300 ES absolute minimum), in addition to a +2 Barrage Projectiles enchantment if possible, or a +1 projectile enchantment if you can't afford it. Additionally you usually want at least 1 decent elemental resistance, and accuracy if your character has than 87%. the Barrage enchantment is a large damage boost for the character, so make sure it is a high priority.


For your bow, you want to have as much pDPS as possible, in addition to critical strike chance and critical strike multiplier.

If you can't afford a bow similar or better than the one I have listed here, I highly recommend using a Chin Sol for single target, and legacy Reach of the Council for clearing. Chin Sol will provide damage comparable to bows that cost more than 1000x as much (seriously), and the bonus projectiles from RoTC are just insane with Tornado Shot or Lightning Arrow.


For bossing, you want to use a Signal Fire quiver (preferably corrupted with +1), for its 50% physical to fire conversion and massive physical gained as fire stat. For mapping I recommend you use a Rearguard quiver, as the damage provided by Signal Fire is not really necessary, and the bonus block chance helps compensate for the ES lost in the 3.0 patch.


For your neck you want added Physical Damage, Crit Chance, Crit Multi, Strength, and most importantly % increased Energy Shield. You can also go for Elemental Damage with Attacks, but it may be quite pricey. Elder/Shaper % Damage Gained as X is also an option, but there is not a huge amount of decent amulets around with them yet.


For your rings you want legacy crafted % Energy Shield, Elemental Resistance, Added Phys, Elemental Damage with Attacks, Accuracy if you need it, all preferably on an Opal Ring base.


As much ES as possible, Elemental res, attack speed, and Accuracy. Also try to get the "of Fury" enchant, it's a pretty huge boost to AoE clear.


As much ES as you can get and Elemental res. Try to get these colors if you can, but I will have an easier alternative in the "Skill Gems" section.

It is possible to get additional base crit for attacks as an elder mod, but because of the lost ES from not having legacy mods, I would not recommend it.


You want a Crystal Belt with high flat Energy Shield, Elemental resistance, Strength, and Ele Damage if possible. Headhunter is also an option if you can fit it in without losing too much.


Skyforths are required for the build, stun immunity, free power charges on crit, and reduced mana reservation is just too good to pass up. The Elemental Penetration enchant is a pretty substantial boost to single-target, so I highly recommend it.

Tornado Shot:

TS - GMP - Pierce - Increased Crits - Ele Damage With Attacks - Damage On Full Life

Lightning Arrow:

LA - GMP - Pierce - Increased Crits - Ele Damage With Attacks - Damage On Full Life


Barrage - Ele Damage With Attacks - Damage On Full Life - Elemental Focus - PPAD - Mirage Archer
If you can't get your hands on a 5-off regalia, switch Mirage Archer for Increased Crit Damage


Herald of Ash - Hatred - Discipline - Enlighten 4
If you cannot afford an enlighten 4, you must use a Conqueror's Potency Jewel


Ice Golem - Blink Arrow - Vaal Haste - Increased Duration
You can break these up among your remaining sockets so you don't have to roll for 4 green sockets



It is extremely important that your fire and cold resistances are balanced for wise oak! If they are not you will lose out on a TON of damage.

Sadly, because of the nerf to the Alchemist node, we now have to use a Conqueror's Potency jewel to obtain the 50% flask effectiveness required for Dying Sun to give us another projectile. Additionally, we utilize a Lioneye's Fall jewel underneath the Soul Raker node to grant us a large amount of persistent life and mana leech, in addition to some very efficient damage nodes.

All other jewel sockets should be filled with jewels that have the following mods:

- increased Physical Damage with Bows
- increased Attack Speed with Bows
- Global Critical Strike Multiplier
- Energy Shield
- Projectile Damage
- Resistances (to balance Wise Oak)
- Strength (if needed)




Unfortunately, I will no longer be updating this guide. I just don't have the time to maintain it anymore. I'll post the PoB I've got of the life-based version here soon, but I have no intention of updating the remainder of the guide to match it.

The 3.3 version of the guide (this post) is still perfectly functional, although I would not really recommend it for outside of standard.

IGN: Microwave
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Expensive Standard build :/
Last edited by Keyen on May 26, 2018, 9:53:39 AM
Bump, great build 10/10 would play.
This build looks soo good I will do it next league. Can't wait to make money $$$.
War or Kitchen?
We seperate the dirty from the clean.
Horrible content-creator and memelord.
Been waiting for an updated tree, between this and demi's tree, it looks like a fun build for standard.
Gotta grind em all.

Thx for the update, il really like this build.

I just have a question about "the wise of oak". I dont understand what you mean by "balance your fire and cold resist", english isn't my first language.
Does the tooltip of wise oak means that we have to be undercap? For now I 'm cap 75% everywhere (fire 90% - cold 91% in hideout).

Feel free to check my profil and my stuff, if you have 5 minutes. I probably have a few item to upgrade.

Thanks for your work.

See ya

Beagup wrote:

Thx for the update, il really like this build.

I just have a question about "the wise of oak". I dont understand what you mean by "balance your fire and cold resist", english isn't my first language.
Does the tooltip of wise oak means that we have to be undercap? For now I 'm cap 75% everywhere (fire 90% - cold 91% in hideout).

Feel free to check my profil and my stuff, if you have 5 minutes. I probably have a few item to upgrade.

Thanks for your work.

See ya

For Wise Oak, you must have your UNCAPPED fire and cold resistances equal. So in your case you would want your fire and cold to both be at 90% at the same time.
IGN: Microwave

recommended pantheon ?

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