Upcoming Divination Cards

Just out of curiosity why is "The Professor" down as a Unique Museum map and not The Putrid Cloister, yet all the other div cards that give a unique map state the actual maps name instead of its base type, ie "The Mayor" right next to it gives perandus manor, and the mao kun card etc...

Adding a second unique museum ?
Awesome guys ! keep up the great work.
Harmony of Souls, Immortal Resolve, The Beast, The Dreamland, The Mayor!, The Samurai's Eye!, The Undauned and Three Voices are the most great surprise i saw here! Well done GGG! Well done!

I'm Super Hype! The best Divination Cards Expansion I've ever seen! *,*
fantastic work! Now I am even more happy that I got that card tab while it was on sale.

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