Tencent has Invested in Grinding Gear Games

It's over. I've seen this a million times before with other companies. "I-it won't change anything!" and then it does 3 months later. Here's hoping GGG actually gets some competition in the near future.
Doesn't sound entirely good but if you are sure that it will truly benefit the game i'll trust you. I really hope you are right tho, the grief would otherwise hit me hard.
A build that only has might is not mighty.
Will GGG get free chinese food?
I hope ggg keep things the way they always did
This is a bad choice. I worry about the future of this game.
If you really want us to trust this, release the contract for public viewing. While I'm sure you're sincere about 0 influence coming from them, the answer you gave where changes in China may come to effect international servers sounds like a hidden exception in the contract that will inevitably allow Chinese developers and Tencent to make "good" changes that they can extort GGG to force into the game.

I trust you guys, but I don't trust buyouts. There are little to no acquisitions that I can recall where the game didn't turn to shit down the road.......
Oh wow. GGG is in the big league now.
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Harvest is the BEST league EVER. Deterministic crafting ftw.
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It was a great couple of years.

Here's to hoping the next big ARPG comes along relatively soon.
How many suporter packs did Tencent bought?
With this level of investment the MTX prices should go down significantly. I have paid prices for supporter packs because as far as I was aware, you didnt have that Triple A money coming in. Now that I know you do, there is no reason to have $25 cat pets, etc.

Grats on your partnership/investment it should bring a lot of changes in the future, lets all just hope they are good ones.

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