Tencent has Invested in Grinding Gear Games

Well not going to be buying anymore supporter packs. Company that gets sued on the daily for stealing games in china alone with complete asset rips and resold as their own game.

Because they totally didn't say the exact same games like Archeage/Crossfire/AvA/Runescape 3 that all got turned into gambling machines for p2w.

strong reputation for respecting the design decisions of developers and studios they invest in

While they've been sued for over $25Billion for doing the complete opposite? Hmm....
God fucking dammit..
My supporter items: Victario's Charity and The Forsaken
Will the Chinese version get some features ahead of the international one?
We develop almost all features on the international version. But sometimes, Tencent will request features that they want to try in the Chinese version that we don't plan to roll into the international version. If those features turn out to be a really good fit for both versions, then we of course port them back into the international version.

Big picture, how will this change the economy? All that I can read here, without further explanation, is that China will get features that are favorable to botters.
I had heard that tencent as an investor DOES in fact interfere on a certain level with their game developers. The way in which they interfere is to attempt to ensure that each of their invested companies don't interfere with each other's development (IE they don't want said invested companies competing with each other)
Theory craft, its why I have used all 24 character slots and the strangest builds you'll ever see.
So with China giving you all the resources you need, you can lower the outlandish MTX prices, right? And afford servers that don't make you unnecessarily nerf things like AoE, CoC, creative builds like Wormblaster, sextants, elder rings, etc.?
No fun allowed.™
Legit worried about this decision.
I appreciate the transparency but I hope you have any kind of exit strategy if they change their mind and start being awful.
While I understand it, I do not support it.

I intend to invest significantly less money or none at all due to this.
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It doesn't matter what we say now so :shruggy:
Hope you guys keep your words earnestly.

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