Tencent has Invested in Grinding Gear Games

I'm a Chinese. I was born in China and I moved to Australia for freedom. I've been playing POE for 3 years.

We, Chinese people, all know tencent is not better than Huawei, they are spying on everything. their TP anti-cheat software is also considered as a rogue software spying on user information. They have the biggest datacentre in China collecting and processing user data for government use.

GGG you might think it's ok, they are just investors. but you will find it's wrong.
well...i only just learned about this horrible news... i definitely hope they haven't been doing ANYTHING with your game like they have the epic games storefront. cause if i find out they have...sorry, but i'm gonna drop this game on the spot and warn others about the problem.
Same. Just read about it. This is terrible. They will find a way to turn POE into one of these chinese p2w games we can see all over the internet, not right now maybe but in the nearest future, i am pretty sure. This is so sad. Why them? This is a rhetorical question though.

Oh, and i already see that chinese version of this game has auto currency pickup pets. Huh, this is where its all going, like in many other chinese games.

Auto, auto, auto. "Just click on the quest tracker and the game will play itself". LOL.

"Not my POE"
In light of recent news with Blizzard...
this makes me way less than happy.

Stand with Hong Kong
"Will Tencent try to change Path of Exile?
No. We spoke to CEOs of other companies that Tencent has invested in, and have been assured that Tencent has never tried to interfere with game design or operations outside of China. We retain full control of Path of Exile and will only make changes that we feel are best for the game."

I bet this has come back to haunt you since the Blizzard fiasco lately...
I'm really curious how do these politics work. It is clear as day that Blizzard allowed the Chinese government to influence their artistic expression, unnecessarily changing things in some of their games like WoW and hearthstone, for example removing skeletons and doing other tweaks to uphold censory laws in china.

How is ggg different? At some point in the future are you going to remove skeletons, limit some specific gore variation and purposefully make things less unsexualised where it could've been less subtle at your unfiltered expression?

What is stopping you compared to blizzard? What is stopping China from banning Path of Exile in China? Because surely as of now it's violating their laws.
Tencent owning POE makes me really worried.

We all know those Chinese copy-paste P2W games that start crawling all around and they hold zero artistic value, I really really hope POE does not turn into one.

Hopefully you are the exception and they don't interfere in your development process and don't force you into decisions that will alienate your audience that loves POE for what it really is.

I think self-publishing was the way to go or at least if you went with a smaller publisher but time will tell.

I really really hope their influence does not ruin this piece of art that POE is!
So Chris, how many millions did you get for selling us out? You're just as bad as Blizzard...
The Pope quit, a meteor fell on Russia, an
asteroid came close to the earth, there's snow
in Arizona, star wars and star trek have the
same director! Who the hell is playing jumanji?

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