[3.13] GOLEMENTALIST (Flame Golems Elementalist) Build (Easy & Safe for everyone!) +Video guide!

"The Awakener has been decreased to level 81 from 84 at Awakening levels 1 to 5, increasing by one for each additional Awakening level. He is still level 84 at Awakening level 8, and this only affects the item levels of his drops.

Specifically reduced the damage on a majority of The Awakener's skills at everything below Awakening level 8."

I can assume that you have not run him at lvl 8 as his dmg increase is very obvious, similar to a Uber Atziri vs regular Atziri but easier in both cases.

I think a lvl 8 Sirus is the same difficulty as Shaper in 3.9. Shaper has something like 4 times the life from previous but dmg and difficulty about the same as Sirus.
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EDIT: Oh my god I just wasted all this fucking currency on a 3.8 build...
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Don't worry, build is still valid.
alantrik wrote:
EDIT: Oh my god I just wasted all this fucking currency on a 3.8 build...

Build is capable of all content deathless but does require gear investment along with some of the value add like EE and primordial chain, which currently your setup doesn't exhibit
Finally ran the 3.9 Uber elder, completing all bosses in 3.9 w/ the buffed life/dmg, including 300+ delve bosses. Some I have run several times up to 20 times in 3.9. I would say that the most dangerous 1 shot power is Uber Atziri, making the boss in general most difficult deathless. I lost spectres to Uber elder with empower 4 and died once, should resume deathless on Uber elder. Sirus lvl 8 with empower 4 all minions deathless, fight is equiv to shaper at lvl 8. Due to the fact that one can get difficult rolls on delve bosses, guardians, and cortex, I would say they can be the most difficult depending on map roll. Overall difficultly with no map roll is still Uber elder and Uner Atziri followed Aul, Cortex, Mastermind, lvl 8 Sirus, shaper, followed by Minotaur, Phoenix, Uber trio, Al Hezmin, Kurgal, Ahuatotli. So not a lot has changed other than the buffed life/dmg
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Well, Spectres are for Necromancers really, you should probably switch Ascendancies... and deffo get a +2 wand. That's 4 levels on Spectres, Golems and Animate Guardian right there. Nothing will ever die on you and and the damage output is multiple times higher.
Nothing dies on me today except an occasional spectre or zombie in either Uber elder or the most difficult mods on a few others. I can do 100% bosses in 3.9 deathless and have increased single target dmg from pure flame g build. Since I'm playing around, I may look at Necro, but unless it boosts my DPS, it won't be worth it and I have a hard time believing that it will given my flame Gs are still primary and they will take a hit and it's skellies and stone g doing the rest of dmg. Spectres just debuff -25 fire and zombie just meat shield. I experimented with moving zombie to chest in place of spectre and ran Mon'tregul's Grasp with 100% more and the pathetic large zombie could still only barely beat a single skellie. Pure zombie build is the only way to get a thing out zombie as they appear to be the weakest base of all minions. It was almost a 6 link on zombie in that case and the 4 link skellie still whooped it's ass and oh btw, up to 45 vs 4 in that scenario.

On a different note, aspect of the crab is probably the biggest defensive boost I have and I haven't had a physical dmg 1 shot threat since. Trade off with spider as I lost a little dmg on back end, but that isn't noticeable.
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Sure, Zombie is the undisputed King of the Hill, nothing comes even close. Funny vid in the "King of Summoners" thread, your man "trashing" t16 maps in 3.9 with entirely unsupported Raise Zombie gem in Queen's Escape, no auras, curses, nada... sick really. ;)


The fun starts at around 48 minutes in...
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When was the last time t16 was tough? I can trash them with 4 link stone G too, in my current setup, dropping flame Gs. Zombie is still the min/max king single target dmg but the math on queens escape should be easy to produce and the #1 thing about it is minion speed, which is the qol perception buff in mapping. The #2 thing about it is the sexy increased duration on skellies.
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The first thing he credits in the setup is Victario's Influence.

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