[3.13] GOLEMENTALIST (Flame Golems Elementalist) Build (Easy & Safe for everyone!) +Video guide!

Thank you AR!
I'll give that one a try. Hopefully we won't have any more major nerfs in Ultimatum when it comes to minion dmg :(

Nerfs are usually minimal, so it's no big deal
All builds: http://www.angryroleplayer.com/path-of-exile-builds/
lockjaw99 wrote:
This is what I came up with, keep in mind I'm dirt shit poor. lol

I need some better rings equipment somewhere so I can add in a minion movement speed craft.


So I went back and looked at what I did, and all I can say is I'm glad folks like AR are around. Geez I butchered that badly. lol

- L

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