Unofficial Community PvP Balance (eHLD and eLLD)

Now Blade Vortex Great job HLD Project.

In case no one notes this. I am been sarcastic.

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Sorry to do this:
LLD Lycosidae Rawhide Tower Shield UNBANNED
after Event #2
Shrapnel Shot Banned
Mirage Archer Banned

next LLD is a 1v1 event and I'll have the register updated shortly.
Temple mods allowed in LLD?
ie 6mod "-mana temple mod" is within rules atm
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Esgaldu wrote:
Temple mods allowed in LLD?
ie 6mod "-mana temple mod" is within rules atm

They are NOT allowed. We had a discussion about allowing the mana mod specifically but for the sake of simplicity we disallowed it
EHLD update ban list : ROA & Flame Blast added to the ban list
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Hi guys,
here are some thoughts after yesterday's eLLd event, wich was again a really nice evening. A very subjective melee point of view.

1. UNBANN bow single target skills (Barrage and Shrapnel Shot) and even maybe Blast Rain and RoA - but limit the support gems for them to -1. LLD bow skills max 3L with 2 support skills and ehld max. 3L+BcR.
I really miss more melee vs bow action :(
Bow was and probablyy will be always strong in pvp, we loose to much banning most of the bow skills - just tune them down? Maybe -1 support gem could work?

I think we dont want a situation when the bowers will be almost non-exisitant in t1 epvp.

2. Set the "bann rules".
What I dont really like in pvp is beeing 1hited, think we all agree with it. So if the skill/build 1hits or 1-click in one second (like SR in hld Sarn) for example 1,5k hp in eLLD and 6k hp in eHLD -> bann?

3. Perma bann all CHANNELLING skills until 3.4 changes, for eLLD (sorry Granite, hope your build will be viable with other skills too)and eHLD. From the beginning the channelling skills were like a disease and not balanced for pvp at all. SR together with (non channeling) VD makes ppl leave high level Sarn Arena after one minute :( Now we have Charged Dash too.
Those 2 skills are most popular in temp hld for obvious reasons (and I play a lot temp hld in Incursion to watch it enough).

Just some thoughts to discuss.

PVP is NOT dead :)

1. Limit frostwall abuse.

Every projectiles that blocked by frostwall are dumbs now. It's easy to sustain
over 15walls and some builds that have duration over 20walls. Nobody can not pierce walls now.

2. Surrender and Thousand Teeth Temu.

I think guys hate one shot meta. But with surrender and especially thousand teeth temu,
Really hard to build multihitting skills. For example, Firestorm and Whispering ice?
Just walk into storm with thousand teeth. You win.
One shot builds are banned and I think still be banned. Then we have to limit that shield.

3. Allow 1 more gems for Specific items.

Like whispering ice and ngamahu's flame, they can have 7link but only 5link allowed in ehld.
They lose 2 support gems while other's lose only 1.

4. Ball Lightning...?

Ball Lightning Trap made many stuff got banned. Even sire of shards worked with only
ball lightning atm. It still can eat every melee as lunch and beat most ranged build.
I defeated ethical's roa with ball lightning(Although before he minmaxed).
Sire was wrong ban. If you guys needed to ban sth, that should be ball lightning.
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Rule Update, LLD shrapnel shot unbanned and Collateral Damage jewel banned.

HLD changes will happen after this event on saturday. Have been reading the feedback

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