Unofficial Community PvP Balance (eHLD and eLLD)

The following is a community ruleset aimed at encouraging new players to get into PvP at a lower cost while increasing the number of available builds!

If you want to join the PvP discussion and theory crafting:

Or just post in the forums and there will be plenty of people willing to help!

Rules eHLD
- High Level Dueling ( recommend 85+ )

eHLD events will be held in the Permanent Standard League


Open Profiles
Unique Equipment Only
No Beneficial Corruptions
No 4 Property Rare Jewels
Each skill may only be linked to 3 support gems + Block Chance Reduction support gem

The Block Chance Reduction support gem does not count towards the 3 support link maximum allowing for 5links if "Block Chance Reduction" support is used.

Banned Items:

All Unique Flasks
Poet's Pen
All Abyss Jewels
Legacy or Bestiary Items
Watcher's Eye
Reckless Defense
Xirgil's Crank
Aegis Aurora
Asenath's Chant
Kitava's Thirst
All Enchants
Atziri's Reflection
Sunblast Cloth Belt
Gloomfang Blue Pearl Amulet
Thousand Teeth Temu

One Rare Item Allowed (gloves, boots, helm)

Only Resist Suffix Allowed
Only Life/Energy Shield/Evasion/Armour Prefix Allowed
30% Movementspeed Max on boots
No elder/shaper/essence/legacy rolls

Banned Skills:

Explosive Arrow
Kinetic Blast
Glacial Cascade
Volatile Dead
Bear Trap
Cluster Trap/Multitrap
Cast When Damage Taken
Cast When Stunned
Blade Vortex
Rain of Arrows
Ball Lightning
Frost Wall CANNOT be linked with Spell Cascade support

Banned Ascendancy Nodes:

Pathfinder - Scion Ascendant
Flesh Binder - Witch Necromancer
Nature's Boon - Ranger Pathfinder

Rules eLLD
- Low Level Dueling ( level 28 )

eLLD events will be held in the Temporary Challenge Leagues


Open Profiles
Magic/Rare/Unique Equipment Allowed (Rare rules below)
No Beneficial Corruptions
3 supports per skill Maximum
No 4 Property Rare Jewels
No Quality Gems
No Incursion Temple Mods

Banned Items:
All Unique Flasks
All Legacy Items
Poet's Pen
All Abyss Jewels
Watcher's Eye
All Enchants
Tempestuous Steel
Skin of the Lords
Seven-League Step
Hinekora's Sight
Asenath's Gentle Touch
The Red/Blue/Green Nightmare
Collateral Damage
Abberath's Hooves

Banned Skills:
Volatile Dead
Blade Vortex
Blast Rain
Blade Flurry
Rain of Arrows
Mirage Archer Support Gem
Molten Shell
Flame Blast

Rare Items Rules
+69 to Maximum Life is the highest life allowed on a piece of gear
109% Physical Damage is the maximum Physical Damage that can be on a weapon
Elreon Jewelry cannot have more than 3 mods
No Multi-mod items allowed
No legacy rolls

Please Read


21/20 and 20/23 gems count as beneficial corruptions (banned)
Talismans count as beneficial corruptions (banned)
White sockets DO NOT count as beneficial corruptions (allowed)
If the 4th property of your rare jewel is 100% useless to your build you can use it
You cannot bypass the 3 supports per skill rule with items that grants supports
You can use a 6link to obtain three "4links" with clever support choices
When using Curse On Hit support gem you count the linked Curses as Support gems for rules
League Specific items are NOT Legacy Items
An ascended character is not eligible queue into LLD
For LLD Rares Strength or Implicit rolls do not count towards Maximum Life limit
For LLD non Elreon Jewelry have no limit to number of properties
Vaal Skill Gem Variations do NOT count as a beneficial corruption
During an Event, players may NOT use regret orbs to change their passive tree between rounds and or matches for the duration of the Event
Players must have an Open Profile during the Event and for one hour after the Event

Keep in mind that these are subject to change

In 3.3 the PvP community will host a 6 week unofficial PvP season using the rules posted above
In an ideal world there would be no need for a ban list but that isn't the reality we live in for modern PoE so let me take a bit of time to explain the general bans for players understanding.

All rules fall under four categories:

Cost Reduction

More information will be posted as we get closer

The intention of the rules is to provide new and old pvpers a fair start to get into PvP and understand what PvP could be in PoE. Banning Legacy items and beneficial corruptions is an example of Accesibility, even if there were many PvP builds that did not need those players without access to them immediately can feel that they do not have the tools to even participate. Banning 21 gems is to drastically reduce the cost of experimenting and making sure players do not feel they lose matches because their opponent simply has higher level gems in all their sockets by throwing exalts at the same build. 4links Max is for balance, PvP damage is too high and no one wants competitive PvP in PoE to be two players trying to one shot the other offscreen when the match starts and they do not even see the other player. Simplicity is a double edged sword: there are some great flasks that are not broken in PvP but many that are and an exhaustive detailed list that is 30 pages long of PvP rules will turn off players. It isn't a perfect system but it was what the PvP community could agree on would be a nice way to start.

These rules are new, designed to force veteran PvPers to learn a new Meta, so take the time to learn with them and keep giving us feedback.

Monsta's 3.2 eHLD Tournament

3.3.a Rule Change Log

Tuesday June 5th
LLD Blade Vortex Ban
LLD minefield support gem ban
LLD Blast Rain Ban
LLD Barrage Ban
LLD Rare Rule Adjustment
LLD Tempest Mod Ban
various clarifications

3.3.b Rule Change Log

Thursday June 7th
HLD Sire of Shards Serpentine Staff Ban
HLD Blade Vortex Skill Gem Ban
LLD The Green Nightmare Jewel Ban

3.3.c Rule Change Log

Saturday June 16th
LLD Lycosidae Ban
LLD Magic Equipment Allowed (clarification)

3.3.d Rule Change Log

Sunday June 17th
LLD Blast Rain Ban (AGAIN)
LLD Rain of Arrows Ban
LLD Lacerate Ban
LLD Blade Flurry Ban
HLD Rain of Arrows Ban

3.3.e Rule Change Log

Thursday June 21st
Lycosidae Rawhide Tower Shield UNBANNED
this was based off some vocal people popping out

3.3.f Rule Change Log

June 23rd
LLD Shrapnel Shot skill BANNED
LLD Mirage Archer skill BANNED

3.3.g Rule Change Log

Friday June 29th
HLD Flameblast banned

3.3.h Rule Change Log

July 2nd
LLD Shrapnel Shot UNBANNED
LLD Collateral Damage jewel Banned

3.3.i Rule Change Log

July 7th
HLD Thousand Teeth Temu BANNED
HLD The Surrender BANNED
Sire of Shards UNBANNED
Atziri's Reflection BANNED
Queen of the Forest UNBANNED
Ball Lightning BANNED
Frost Wall CANNOT be linked with Spell Cascade support
LLD Cremation BANNED

3.3.j Rule Change Log

July 8th
HLD the Surrender UNBANNED
HLD Mirage Archer BANNED
LLD Molten Shell BANNED

3.3.k Rule Change Log

July 9th
LLD Abberath's Hooves BANNED
LLD Flame Blast BANNED
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Great job setting this all up. Could be a really good thing for the community and PoE's future!
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We appreciate the time and attention you’re giving us! Hope you have as much fun as we do!
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Well, you already know I agree but I wanna give you a thank you here as well
thanks, mr profiteering streamer!
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"Your forum signature was removed as it was considered to be inappropriate and a breach of our Code of Conduct." was quotes. from the forum. lolz!
It's actually... good (or so it seems to me).

Good job on those and to everyone involved. If I still had an ounce of interest in the game I would be down for this but,alas , poe is now a massive pile of crap that I won't touch with a stick and I'm just checking this board because bad habits are hard to get rid of.

I hope someone will record some of the games so I can still enjoy it from far away.

EDIT: Hum, seems like you forgot legacy surgeon mod on flask or maybe the community thought that would allow other classes to fight against pathfinders/scion.
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Only uniques? So no rares??

Some years ago i was quite active in pvp maybe i give this a try when i came up with such a build.

Good to se ea is baned!!!

Since its been years i was into pvp, does anyone know som good skills/unique combos?

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Last edited by trashs1 on May 3, 2018, 3:25:18 AM
trashs1 wrote:
Only uniques? So no rares??

Some years ago i was quite active in pvp maybe i give this a try when i came up with such a build.

Good to se ea is baned!!!

Since its been years i was into pvp, does anyone know som good skills/unique combos?

we'll come up with a lot of guides soon
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Fist of all let me congratulate you for this concept and all the people involved. It is indeed needed for pvp competition to be player controlled in games like this. Its the only available option.
Because once u change a T value another skill gem will just take its place.

I got a couple of things to say and im also interested into be proved wrong:

As we know, this is a builders/crafters game, not a skillful arena game - since you can clear the whole game with just one button.
Just like F1 is a constructers race, not much of a pilots race.

The intention of using uniques only and the gear balance seems like theres an idea of "winning by skill" behind it. Which in my opinion is totally out of context. This not wow arena.

The kb/ea/sr/volatile cesspool from current pvp will also come up in the "6 week unofficial PvP season" and you will only need 1 week to realise that, 6 weeks are not needed at all.

I think its more engaging to look for gear upgrades and to craft your own items.

I was thinking about this subject and a few ideas came up to my mind.

A legacy kaoms chest swap/weapon swap with 21 gems (i.e.) from your inventory, mid fight, will not show up on the "web open profile" in time. Even the whole pvp rounds can end faster than the web page gets to update even...
(also open profiles for some pvp ppl is not an option to consider)

I think that for your rules to work one of two things needed to be implemented:
Either the option to inspect a players gear for a 3rd person inside the arena: spectator/judge
A "clean arena" option where mtx's and skin transfers could not be used.
If this was an option, and some item with specific art were to be used by a player, it would be noticeable. Say a banned Kaom's Heart.

Since none of this features are in game. Id take a whole different aproach.
The one being of just "skills prohibited", since even with mtx's, they are evident.
Also an event every weekend with a prize pool payed by the participants. Say a 10ex prize or a legacy item for each. People want to register for an even, play and get rewarded as fast as possible and then go try again. Its 2k18.
And a "best of class" i.e. slayer only event or a witch only event is also nice.

From my ppov, since there isnt skill involved neither crafting and gear upgrading on this format, i cant seem to get interested eventho im a pvp lover. (from rank13 vanilla wow to 2k arena or d3cl enthusiast)

I honestly hope this develops into something great!

♈ ♈ ♈ ♈ ♈ ♈ ♈ ♈ ♈ ♈ ♈ ♈ ♈ ♈ ♈ ♈ ♈ ♈ ♈ ♈ ♈ ♈ ♈ ♈ ♈ ♈ ♈ ♈ ♈ ♈ ♈ ♈ ♈ ♈ ♈ ♈ ♈ ♈ ♈ ♈ ♈ ♈ ♈ ♈
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yavvyred wrote:

From my ppov, since there isnt skill involved neither crafting and gear upgrading on this format, i cant seem to get interested eventho im a pvp lover.

This is the only problem of this particular concept in my opinion as well. Poe pvp will never be about mechanical game play skill and these rules are sort of implying otherwise. I know that for many the only reason they have played pvp is because of the depth of build designing. The more restrictions there are, the more of that aspect of the game disappears.

One could argue that all that is left is the fairly horrible and clunky game play of poe pvp and the nearly non-existant build options.

I'll participate in this regardless as long as there is something fun to plan around.

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