[3.2] Indigon Scorching Ray Totem - All Content Viable - Uber Elder down

I made this build because I'm bad at the game and wanted to do as much dps as possible to kill Uber Elder without having to be good at mechanics.

+ Very high EHP while mapping (can easily hit 13k combined life/mana/es)
+ No required Unique Flasks
+ Can clear all endgame bosses
+ Insane ST dps
+ Can sink a ton of currency in and get meaningful returns
+ Can run all map mods except no regen

- Requires at least a few exalts to get going, but most of the items are just generic MoM gear.
- No active regen, relies heavily on Life Flasks to maintain life.
- No major defensive mechanics outside of just having huge EHP.
- Pretty slow to level if you don't invest regrets.

Before we get into anything else, I'm definitely fallible. If you spot any obviously stupid mistakes or things I could improve, let me know and I'll look into fixing them.

I'll start out with videos. Let's be honest, no one wants to play a build until they see it in action. Apologies in advance for the shit video quality and inconsistent audio, I've never made videos before.

Shaper 85 to Dead in 7 seconds https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eQEL8b6d-Og
Bad Uber Elder first attempt(1 death) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OfsxCAuI4XE
Shaper Full Clear https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cf1R1u3S6LM
Shaped Atoll to give you a sense of map play https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yT82RR318tU
4l vs T14 Blood Temple Boss https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vZoXc8ek35I

I've uploaded all guardians and t16 elder guardians to my shitty youtube channel as well https://www.youtube.com/user/tjc128/videos

And of course, PoB is next because we all prefer playing PoB to playing PoE these days.

Cloak of Defiance - https://pastebin.com/7GvgUQLT
Soul Mantle - https://pastebin.com/XAtG83UJ

Some important notes:
- Cloak is higher EHP, Soul Mantle is higher dps. More detail in the gearing section.
- The AB tree can be viewed using the drop down in the bottom left. I talk more about this decision in the skill tree section below. TL;DR 3(/4) totems for endgame bossing, 4(/5) totems for mapping. Not a huge gap either way.
- Disable hit by lightning recently in the config tab if you aren't using a totem to proc EE with the 4 totem setup. Or, you know, just don't take EE.
- There are 2 indigons for each Tree. 1st is the value if you haven't been hit recently, and the 2nd is the theoretical limit for sustained dps. I stick to using the 1st in general because I believe it's more realistic. You can check been hit recently in the configs tab and equip the 2nd helm if you want to see those values.
- I added the heirophant regeneration nodes to my cloak of defiance because PoB doesn't support them.
- There's a 2nd sceptre that mimics having a dyadus animate guardian (or support player).
- My gear isn't reflective of what most players need to make the build delete endgame content, I just had 50ex to throw at a build. You don't need 21/20 gems, perfect kaom's roots or even a 6l.

Indigon is a very stupid item

To calculate indigon's constant dps, you simply take your net mana regen and leech, multiply by 4 (recently), divide by 200, and multiply by the spell damage value on the helm. Burst dps can go higher than this because you start with your base mana pool as well.

In my case, I have 4211.2 regen if I haven't been hit recently. 4211.2 * 4 / 200 * 60 = 5053.44% spell damage. Realistically this may be much higher or much lower in-game depending on the content I'm doing. 2% mana regen if hit recently boots are an insane amount of damage, but because you have 50% mom taking damage can also lower your dps.


Required Uniques

x2-3. I personally prefer having the third, it makes ramping up with Flammanibility super fast. The first just counteracts the 50-100% reduction from heirophant.
The core item of the build. Try to get a 60% spell damage roll, and if you can't aim for as high as you can afford. Mana Cost % shouldn't matter much. If you've decided to use a skill that isn't SR, you might want to find one with a low mana cost %, as most skills have a drastically higher mana cost than SR.
will pretty much always end up being your BiS. Some rare blue pearls can be similar in value.

Soul Mantle gives you roughly 2/3rds more dps and makes your totems considerably tankier. Cloak of Defiance makes you considerably tankier; 10% mom is about a 20% more multiplier to your EHP. I'd recommend Cloak if you want to do endgame bosses, as it's much safer.

I don't personally like kikazaru; Curses can fuck you up even at 80% reduced curse effect. When I play the Soul Mantle setup, I just rely on my curse immunity flask.

Other Very Powerful Items

A Clarity Regen Watcher's Eye adds a ton of Mana Recovery. Mana Recovery Rate is a separate multiplier to Mana Regeneration Rate, which means it's much more powerful.
Shaper Belts can roll up to 20% Mana Recovery Rate.
A godsend to non-leech life builds. One of the most underrated uniques in the game.
They aren't required, but dear god do I hate stuns with a fiery passion. Also super useful for Uber Elder, which is what I made the build for.
I like using a Sorrow in one of my 4 utility flask slots to give me some Energy Shield Regen while mapping. Karui covers my life, this helps keep my ES up.
BiS for mapping. You don't need the regen or cast speed you can get from a rare in any level of maps. Gottagofast.
For an extra 2 ES nodes at witch, you get 25% mana regeneration rate and 0.5% mana regenerated per second.
3x Grand Spectrum adds a ton of mana, and thus a ton of dps. I recommend just using rare jewels because I value the life way more than more damage at my gear level.
If you can proc chill, dyadus is a flat 2-3x damage multiplier. It's relatively difficult to proc for the build. Some people use Animate Guardian with 2 equipped and a few other items like ice tomb or massive life regeneration chests. Not worth the effort for me. You can also dual wield them yourself for stationary bosses like shaper.

General Gearing

Look for items with high combined health and mana, with at least a decent mana roll (60+ on most slots). You've got 50% MoM, so as long as your life is >= your mana, both add effective health pool. Even past that point, mana will still increase your damage output. Example of how to do that on PoE Trade - http://poe.trade/search/oyoutamahatame

Aim to get 50%+ Mana Regeneration on every slot you can roll it on. Rings/Shields, and an optional Rare Weapon used for bossing.

Jewels can only roll a few interesting mods. You want to aim for high life+mana, and then one of the following:
- Resistances
- Mana Regenerated while moving
- Cast Speed
- Cast Speed if you've Crit Recently (bossing)
- Attack Speed (mapping)

The 2% life and mana regenerated per second if you've been hit recently boot enchant is incredibly powerful. If you can't find a good pair of kaom's or rare boots with it, it's not that hard to farm.

My Gear (super endgame)

Gems (in order of importance)

Scorching Ray - Spell Totem - Burning Damage - Efficacy - Elemental Focus - Controlled Destruction - Empower 4 or Rapid Decay

You can swap out the least important gem for Faster Casting while mapping if you feel your totems are sluggish. Empower 4 and Rapid Decay are ~similar dps, but I prefer not having the reduced effect duration.

Flammability - Arcane Surge - Faster Casting - Increased Area of Effect

Your primary method of spending mana to keep your Indigon buff going. Also, it makes you do more damage. Also, Arcane Surge is stupidly good for this build. You can swap inc aoe for empower if you really want to super min/max your ST dps.

Orb of Storms - Increased Critical Strikes - Increased Area of Effect - Portal/Culling Strike

I choose to use portal for mapping and swap to culling strike for bossing.

Shield Charge - Faster Attacks - Fortify
CWDT - Immortal Call
Clarity (level doesn't really matter either way because your pool is so big and you have a lot of flat regen)

Stuff you can use with extra sockets from rare boots:

* Scorching Ray - Burning Damage - Efficacy - Elemental Focus

If you're using rare boots and the 3 totem setup, you can run a 4l (or 5l via essence of horror) self-cast SR. The mana cost is minuscule, so you'll still need to use Flammability to keep your mana ramp high. It's relatively easy to maintain the stacks with this level of cast speed/increased duration.

* Vaal Lightning Trap / Ice Trap / Elemental Trap of your choosing / Elemental Mine of your Choosing

For the 4 totem setup, this is your only method of proccing EE.

* Vaal Haste / Grace
* Golems

Skill Tree

The core nodes are Elemental Overload and Elemental Equilibrium. Everything else is just getting however much life/mana/attack/cast speed you want. You can alternately path to Ancestral Bond and use a trap or mine to trigger EE on bosses, as shown in the PoB above (or just don't proc EE).

The primary difference is that 4 totems allow you to clear maps more efficiently, and 3 totems has higher boss damage (unless you use a trap to trigger EE for 4 totems). I made my build to farm uber elder, which I think 3 totems is better for. It definitely felt better mapping with 4 totems, so it just depends on what you want to do.

You can proc EE using the 4 totem setup through mines or traps, but not through orb of storms. EE requires that the hit deals damage. This makes it difficult to proc EE on hectic fights like uber elder.

Kill all bandits. Alira only nets you a tiny amount of mana regen.

92 - http://poeurl.com/bSki
81 - http://poeurl.com/bSkj
71 - http://poeurl.com/bSkk

Alternate AB Tree
94 - http://poeurl.com/bSlS

General Play

Just think of it as any other SR totem build. You spawn your totems and watch things burn to the ground. For the most part, you don't have to think about Indigon at all while mapping. With 3 fevered dreams you'll usually sit around 5 stacks (300% increased damage) of Inidigon by just shield charging and spawning totems. On top of that, you'll almost always have 20+ Pursuit of Faith (Heirophant Ascendancy) stacks giving you 120%+ increased damage.

When you come across any enemy that doesn't instantly evaporate, you just start spamming Flammability to ramp your Indigon up. With the level of gear I'm at, that's really only bestiary yellows/reds and map bosses.

I do enough damage that I also don't bother trying to maintain Elemental Overload while mapping, I simply don't need the damage for anything but bosses.

Keep in mind, if you're doing this with a 5l or more budget gear than what I have, you might have varying results for how much you need to focus on keeping up EO or Flammability spam.

On the Flexibility of the Build

You can use this build as a template for pretty much any totem skill you want. The damage multiplier for Indigon is huge, and in most cases comparable to an entire skill tree while mapping. If you want to try out a different skill, I'd recommend starting from the 4 totem setup and just dropping EE. You can even respec the tree to get less attack speed or cast speed or mana and pickup crit nodes if you want to enjoy some nice freezing action.

I should note, 2 fevereds is enough for most skills, sometimes even only 1 is enough for mapping smoothly. Most skills have massively higher cost than SR, so the totems cost way more. I mapped for awhile as non-crit frostbolt totems and it worked perfectly fine. You kind of have to get into the groove of the mana cost of the totem and how often you want to place one down to keep the stacks going.


Pantheon is something I think most guides heavily overlook. It adds a massive amount of defense to this build.

Solaris - 6% phys mit for ST bosses, 1/5 aoe hits deal 50% less damage, and no extra crit damage if crit recently

Shakari - My personal favorite for mapping, no one likes degens, go away poison.
Gruthkul - Up to 5% phys mit, and 8% reduced attack speed for enemies.
Tukohama - Up to 8% phys mit, and 2% life regen.
Yugul - 5% cold mit, amazing for Elder and Uber Elder, alongside any hard cold bosses.


I leveled the build with a generic frostbolt totem tree. I decided to be a cheapskate and go non-crit to save regrets later. Let me tell you, I regretted that a lot more than the regrets xd. Freezing is just too darn powerful while leveling totem builds. I'd stick to a generic frostbolt / freezing pulse crit totem setup and respec later. I respec'd at level 70.

Tree usually looks something like this - http://poeurl.com/bSjT

That being said, you can definitely just level as Scorching Ray totems. I was trying to level as fast as possible, so shield charging 100 miles per hour into packs with no real defense and no freeze didn't really work out for me. If you don't mind SR totems slightly slower paced early game, it should work perfectly fine. You'll probably want to pickup some damage nodes though :P.
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I hate Scorching Ray, anyway to change it for something else?
I kind of intended to add a section about the adaptability of the build, but I forgot because its 3am. You can easily make any totem build work with an indigon setup. GC, FB, FP, anything works really. The item is stupidly OP. Most other skills have a drastically higher mana cost though, so you might not need as many fevereds.
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I'm glad the OP is smart enough to recognize how STUPIDLY broken this item is, because the armchair dumbshits on reddit seem to think this item is balanced from all the threads I've seen so far on it.

I'd say it's clear cut the most broken item in the game right now.

That said, this build is still very well put together so props for that.
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Just to be honest for anyone that read the guide before I made this post, I had some really stupid stuff in the PoB. I was running AB with no way to proc EE. Error on my part, I fixed the PoB and the relevant information. Currently running a 3 totem setup, and investigating using freezing pulse or some other cold skill to proc chill on bosses for some dyadus shenanigans.
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So for those not familiar with the Indigon, what is the playstyle of this build and how exactly are we meant to play it, mechanically speaking? What exactly do we need to do to play it and increase the DPS as we actually play it?

Is it just drop the totams and run to the next pack, or is it spam totems endlessly to chew up mana? These are obviously noob questions, but I've not actually ever seen this item utilized or it's playstyle before.
I asked the questions above because I think I actually have a pile of decent applicable gear just sitting in my Bestiary stash - should the following gear be ok to get me towards end game?

I have the Kaom's boots, a decent belt, decent shield and most of my gear is still craftable too, including both rings having open crafting spots.
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I'd imagine so. I haven't personally tried budget setups, but with how much dps this build does it should work just fine for mapping. I thought about a section about the general play / mechanics but I seemingly forgot to add it. I'll look into that.

The gist is that you basically just play it like a normal totem build. With 3 fevered dreams, I sit around 5 stacks of indigon just shield charging around and dropping totems. That's around 300% added damage, which is essentially an entire skill tree of damage for SR. When you come across a hard rare pack, a legendary best, a boss or whatever, you start spamming your flammability to ramp your indigon damage buff up.

-Edit- Added sections on the playstyle and the adaptability of the build.
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It sounds to be a fun build.

I guess you forgot talk about the bandits quest.

Maybe I'll try this build before the end of the league, but I'm not a big fan of SR, maybe GC or BF then.
Question: what are the advantages and disavantages of indigon mod "increased mana cost for each 200 total mana"

Is it better to get a low roll on that or better get high mod. It seems to me when using indigon sometime adding more than 3 fevered mind lower the max dps duration because of the mana cost being too high.

So I would imagine having too high roll on that could also lower the max dps duration?
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